Carbert in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Carbert
John Carbert
George Carbert
Harold Carbert
Arthur Carbert
Matthew Carbert
Fredric Carbert
Emmanuel Carbert
Wm. Carbert
Ernest Carbert
Emanuel Carbert
William Carbert
Reginald Carbert
Joseph Carbert

Top female forenames

Mary Carbert
Edith Carbert
Sarah Carbert
Alice Carbert
Hannah Carbert
Annie Carbert
Beatrice Carbert
Rosamond Carbert
Anne Carbert
Maude Carbert
Margaret Carbert
Jane Carbert
Florence Carbert
Ellen Carbert
Blanche Carbert
Ruth Carbert
Mildred Carbert
Ann Carbert
Lucy Carbert
Ida Carbert
Gertrude Carbert
Emily Carbert

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Retired Gardener
Retired Carpenter
Railway Porter
Police Constable
National Schoolmistress
Monthly Nurse Out Of Employment
Market Gardener And Parish Clerk
Joiners Wife
House Keeper ((Dom))
Estate Agent
1st Class Certificated Schoolmaster