Cardall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cardall
Thomas Cardall
Joseph Cardall
Henry Cardall
Alfred Cardall
Edward Cardall
Charles Cardall
George Cardall
Herbert Cardall
Walter Cardall
Frederick Cardall
Samuel Cardall
Richard Cardall
Oscar Cardall
Albert Cardall
Luke Cardall
Infant Cardall
Wilfred Cardall
Frederic Cardall
Sampson Cardall
Chas. Cardall
Percival Cardall
Mellor Cardall
Josiah Cardall
John Cardall
Harry Cardall

Top female forenames

Mary Cardall
Elizabeth Cardall
Emma Cardall
Anne Cardall
Caroline Cardall
Annie Cardall
Ada Cardall
Jane Cardall
Beatrice Cardall
Sarah Cardall
Miriam Cardall
Alice Cardall
Laura Cardall
Hannah Cardall
Eliza Cardall
Ruth Cardall
Mellie Cardall
Agnes Cardall
Louisa Cardall
Kate Cardall
Harriet Cardall
Fanny Cardall

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Artist Potter
Brass Founder
Engraver Of Gold And Silver
Manager Civil Service Local Gov
Retired Coal Merchant
Scholar & House Boy (Dom)
... Maker & Engineer
Solicitors Gen Clerk
Timber Merchant
Timber Merchant Employ 36
Tube Maker
Warehouse Woman
Land Agent
Jewel Case Liner
Clerk At Timber Brick & Load Merchants
Clerk In Holy Orders
Commercial Clerk
Cotton Weaver & Scholar (Sch)
Earthenware Printer
General Carpenter
Grocer & Coal Dealer
In Pianoforte Factory
Wood Carver