Cardew in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cardew
William Cardew
Henry Cardew
Thomas Cardew
George Cardew
Arthur Cardew
Frederick Cardew
Samuel Cardew
Richard Cardew
Stephen Cardew
James Cardew
Philip Cardew
Nicholas Cardew
Joseph Cardew
Hy. Cardew
Saml. Cardew
Peter Cardew
Francis Cardew
Edward Cardew
Christopher Cardew
Herbert Cardew
Bertie Cardew
Robert Cardew
Harry Cardew
Ambrose Cardew
Alexander Cardew
Wm. Cardew
Fred Cardew
Ernest Cardew
Matthew Cardew
Warburton Cardew
Edwd.S. Cardew
W.P.D. Cardew
David Cardew
Jesse Cardew
Claude Cardew
Chars. Cardew
Richd.H. Cardew
Harold Cardew
Alfred Cardew
Reginald Cardew
Willm. Cardew
Maximillan Cardew
Wilfred Cardew
Edwin Cardew
Malinel Cardew
Walter Cardew
D. Cardew

Top female forenames

Mary Cardew
Elizabeth Cardew
Edith Cardew
Alice Cardew
Emma Cardew
Eliza Cardew
Emily Cardew
Ellen Cardew
Amy Cardew
Sarah Cardew
Jessie Cardew
Jane Cardew
Martha Cardew
Sophia Cardew
Caroline Cardew
Fanny Cardew
Ann Cardew
Susan Cardew
Selina Cardew
Kate Cardew
Florence Cardew
Bessie Cardew
Ethel Cardew
Mabel Cardew
Anna Cardew
Sylvia Cardew
Lily Cardew
Lavenia Cardew
E. Cardew
Adelaide Cardew
Rose Cardew
Cornelia Cardew
Honnora Cardew
Naomi Cardew
Christiana Cardew
Georgina Cardew
Methcas Cardew
Bertha Cardew
Enid Cardew
Margaret Cardew
Annette Cardew
Tuesa Cardew
Louisa Cardew
Amelia Cardew
Leila Cardew
Agnes Cardew
Rosemond Cardew
Dora Cardew
Olive Cardew
Constance Cardew

Top occupations

Boiler Maker
Tin Miners Wife
Moulders Lab (Iron)
Ag Lab
Gardener Man in Charge (Dom)
Foreign Bondholder
Farmer of 12 acres
Domc Servt
Col Royal Artillery Active List (NO)
Gardeners Laborer
Income From Dividends
Housekeeper Formerly
Gunners Mate
Groom (8)
Grocers Manager
Gardeners Laborers Wife
Dividend Holder
Chaplain Royal Berks Hospital
Chaplain Daughter
Chaplain Cheltenham Workhouse
Calico Weaver
Builder Plasterer Working
Bricklayers Labourer
Bag Sticker
Wife Of The Above
Clerk In Foreign Office
Clerk In Merchants
Dairymans Wife
Dairymans Daur
Curate Of Holy Trinity Kilburn
Cotton Peicer
Corn Packer
Cook Domestic Servant
Col Royal Artillery Active List Wife