Caris in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Caris
W. Caris
Sydney Caris
Sam Caris
Richard Caris
James Caris
Fred Caris
William Caris
Thomas Caris
Stanley Caris
Rob.H. Caris
George Caris
Athe Caris

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Caris
Mary Caris
Ellen Caris
Rebecca Caris
Janet Caris
Emily Caris
Edith Caris
Annie Caris
Maryann Caris
Marianne Caris
Erlen Caris
Eliza Caris
Constance Caris
Ann Caris

Top occupations

Cloth Dresser
Sc Teacher
Railway Drayman
Labourer General
General Servant Domestic
Gen Lab
Flax Worker
Coal Miner
Boat Labourer (Builder)
Watchmaker Employ 3 Men 1 Boy Justice Of The Peace Chairman Poor Law Board