Carle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Carle
Charles Carle
George Carle
John Carle
James Carle
Frederick Carle
Alexander Carle
Henry Carle
Thomas Carle
Francis Carle
Robert Carle
Peter Carle
Arthur Carle
Fredk. Carle
Frank Carle
Samuel Carle
Florence Carle
Pietro Carle
Michael Carle
Alfred Carle
Louis Carle
Gambirasie Carle
Wm. Carle
Chas. Carle
Martin Carle
Joseph Carle

Top female forenames

Mary Carle
Margaret Carle
Elizabeth Carle
Sarah Carle
Annie Carle
Emma Carle
Catherine Carle
Ellen Carle
Isabella Carle
Ann Carle
Agnes Carle
Clara Carle
Martha Carle
Caroline Carle
Isabell Carle
Effield Carle
Christiane Carle
Kate Carle
Helen Carle
Eugenie Carle
Ellenor Carle
Nancy Carle
Charlotte Carle
Lillian Carle
Jane Carle
Anna Carle
Alice Carle
Euphemia Carle
(Mrs) Carle

Top occupations

Gen Servant
Cotton Factory Worker
Professional Theatrical (Actor)
Pork Butcher
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Hotel Messenger
Hairdresser Wife
Hairdresser Employs 4 Men 1 Boy
Hairdresser (Gen)
General Labourer
Housekeeper (Office)
Laborer General
Private Scot Gds
Outworker (Farm)
Music Hall Professional (Actor)
Music Hall Professional
Mosaic Artist (Earthenware)
Master Baker
Master (Seamen)
Labourer Bricklayers
Gen Lab
Funded To House Per Year
Foundry Engine Tenter (22)
Chelsea Pensioner
Carpet Finisher
Cabinet Maker
Boot Machinist
Boiler Maker
Wool Comber (Stuff) (Out Of Employ)
Coml Traveller
Excise Assistant
Engineman (Eng Drw)
Engineer (E&M)
Domestic Servt
Dom Serv
Courier (...)
Cotton Turner
Cork Cutter
Coppersmith Dock Yd