Carlile in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Carlile
Thomas Carlile
William Carlile
George Carlile
James Carlile
Charles Carlile
Robert Carlile
Joseph Carlile
Edward Carlile
Samuel Carlile
Arthur Carlile
Walter Carlile
Henry Carlile
Richard Carlile
Frederick Carlile
Albert Carlile
Willie Carlile
Fletcher Carlile
Wm. Carlile
Willm. Carlile
Matthew Carlile
Christopher Carlile
Harrison Carlile
Sam Carlile
Fredrick Carlile
Wilson Carlile
Abraham Carlile
Percy Carlile
Frank Carlile
Lyall Carlile
Watson Carlile
Edwin Carlile
Victor Carlile
E.H. Carlile
Thos.Hy. Carlile
Herbert Carlile
Daniel Carlile
Sydney Carlile
Harry Carlile
Sam. Carlile
Allen Carlile
Fredk. Carlile
Adam Carlile
Reuben Carlile
Fred Carlile
Francis Carlile
Ernest Carlile
Jas. Carlile
Vernon Carlile
Hugh Carlile

Top female forenames

Mary Carlile
Sarah Carlile
Elizabeth Carlile
Jane Carlile
Ann Carlile
Margaret Carlile
Emma Carlile
Isabella Carlile
Hannah Carlile
Susan Carlile
Maria Carlile
Annie Carlile
Harriett Carlile
Alice Carlile
Frances Carlile
Edith Carlile
Ellen Carlile
Florence Carlile
Fanny Carlile
Matilda Carlile
Ruth Carlile
Eliza Carlile
Ada Carlile
Betsey Carlile
Harriet Carlile
Lucy Carlile
Sophia Carlile
Catherine Carlile
Betsy Carlile
Flora Carlile
Rebecca Carlile
Bertha Carlile
Emily Carlile
Angelina Carlile
Margt. Carlile
Theresa Carlile
Dorothy Carlile
Maggie Carlile
Grace Carlile
Charlotte Carlile
Louisa Carlile
Caroline Carlile
Lavinia Carlile
Rosa Carlile
Judith Carlile
Pricilla Carlile
Beryl Carlile
Jennette Carlile
Arabella Carlile
Ellenor Carlile

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Wd Mill Hand
Framework Knitter
Dress Maker
Cotton Weaver
Drapers Assistant
O Seaman
Dividend Holder
Farmers Son
Lace Worker
Umbrella Maker
Hat Maker
Gen Lab
Brick Layer
Insurance Agent
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Farm Laborer
Farm Servant (Ind)
Farm Serv
Errand Boy
English School Teacher
Engine Fitter
Wife Of Grocer
Farm Serv Unemployed
Cotton Sizer
Apprentice To Painter
Butlers Wife
Carpenters Labourer
Cook Domestic Serv
Cotton Brokers Clerk
Cotton Brokers Wife
Cotton Thread Manufacturer
Cotton Winder
Cotton Winder (Manuf)
Curate Of Kensington