Carlyon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Carlyon
John Carlyon
Thomas Carlyon
Richard Carlyon
Edward Carlyon
Charles Carlyon
Henry Carlyon
James Carlyon
Clement Carlyon
Alexander Carlyon
Albert Carlyon
W.J. Carlyon
Alfred Carlyon
Sampson Carlyon
Philip Carlyon
Joseph Carlyon
Edmund Carlyon
Samuel Carlyon
Harold Carlyon
Robert Carlyon
Geo. Carlyon
Wm.James Carlyon
Renneson Carlyon
Frederick Carlyon
Wilmet Carlyon
Paul Carlyon
Francis Carlyon
Will. Carlyon
Mathew Carlyon
Tristrem Carlyon
Hunable Carlyon
Christopher Carlyon
Thos.Henry Carlyon
Horatio Carlyon
Sidney Carlyon
Harry Carlyon
Alexand Carlyon
Geoffrey Carlyon
Gage Carlyon
Winstanley Carlyon
Fredenram Carlyon
Orlando Carlyon
Edwin Carlyon
Walter Carlyon
W.H. Carlyon
Claude Carlyon
Tredenham Carlyon
Hugh Carlyon

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Carlyon
Mary Carlyon
Jane Carlyon
Eliza Carlyon
Grace Carlyon
Caroline Carlyon
Sarah Carlyon
Ellen Carlyon
Annie Carlyon
Margaret Carlyon
Louisa Carlyon
Julia Carlyon
Ann Carlyon
Alice Carlyon
Ada Carlyon
Emily Carlyon
Mabel Carlyon
Harriet Carlyon
Thomasine Carlyon
Martha Carlyon
Lucy Carlyon
Francis Carlyon
Laura Carlyon
Charlotte Carlyon
Bessie Carlyon
Rosa Carlyon
Elizth. Carlyon
Priscilla Carlyon
Lillian Carlyon
Kate Carlyon
Fanny Carlyon
Catherine Carlyon
Emma Carlyon
Mable Carlyon
Isabella Carlyon
Dorothy Carlyon
Phillipa Carlyon
Clara Carlyon
Florinda Carlyon
Mercy Carlyon
Katherine Carlyon
Flarinda Carlyon
Cecil Carlyon
Julian Carlyon
Susan Carlyon
Fannie Carlyon
Marianne Carlyon
Joanne Carlyon
S. Carlyon
Avis Carlyon

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Lead Miner
No Occupation
Assistant On Farm (Al)
General Servant
Domestic servant
Labourer Work On Tin Stream
Farm labourer
Tin Miners Wife
Cotton Winder
Rectors Wife
Cook Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Gardener (Dom)
Land Owner
Rectors Daughter
Tin Mine
Iron Miner
Ag Labourer
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Farmer Of 25 Ac. Emp 1 Lab
Farmer Of 25 Acres
Farmer Of 50 Acres
Farmer Of 61 Ac Emp 1 Man
Farmer Of 90 Acres
Farmer Wife
Cook Domestic Serv
Agricultural Laborer Wife
Copper Miner
Cotton Weaver
Dealer In Butter & Eggs
Dock Police Constable
Cotton Doubler
Boot Manufacturer Employing 3 Hands
Boot Maker