Carradine in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Carradine
George Carradine
Joseph Carradine
John Carradine
David Carradine
Arthur Carradine
Wm. Carradine
Richard Carradine
Johnny Carradine
Jno. Carradine
Harry Carradine
Frederick Carradine
Charles Carradine
Albert Carradine
James Carradine

Top female forenames

Ann Carradine
Emma Carradine
Ellen Carradine
Sarah Carradine
Jessie Carradine
Florence Carradine
Emily Carradine
Eliza Carradine
Lydia Carradine
Harriet Carradine
Elizabeth Carradine
Annie Carradine
Triffina Carradine
Alice Carradine
Mary Carradine
Laura Carradine
Jane Carradine
Hannah Carradine

Top occupations

Boot And Shoe Salesman
Watch Maker & Sewing Machinist
Parlor Maid Dm Srv
Page Boy
Officer Of Excise
Iron Shingler
Iron Machinist
House Wife
Grocers Porter
General Lab
Foreman In Brickworks
Drayman Wife
Drayman G M R
Cook D
Worsted Weaver (Carpet)