Cartmel in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cartmel
William Cartmel
Thomas Cartmel
Richard Cartmel
James Cartmel
Isaac Cartmel
George Cartmel
Abraham Cartmel
Joseph Cartmel
Wm. Cartmel
Harry Cartmel
Robert Cartmel
Daniel Cartmel
Henry Cartmel
Edward Cartmel
Wallace Cartmel
Frederick Cartmel
Edwin Cartmel
Jonathan Cartmel
Charles Cartmel
Albert Cartmel
Thos. Cartmel
Cowper Cartmel
Burton Cartmel
Wulston Cartmel
Alfred Cartmel
Herbert Cartmel
Levi Cartmel
Jno. Cartmel
Jacob Cartmel
Anthony Cartmel
Wm.C. Cartmel
Infant Cartmel
Guy Cartmel
Samuel Cartmel
Geo.Herbert Cartmel
Ernest Cartmel

Top female forenames

Mary Cartmel
Elizabeth Cartmel
Margaret Cartmel
Jane Cartmel
Sarah Cartmel
Catherine Cartmel
Isabella Cartmel
Ann Cartmel
Agnes Cartmel
Annie Cartmel
Emily Cartmel
Harriet Cartmel
Grace Cartmel
Alice Cartmel
Eliza Cartmel
Eleanor Cartmel
Martha Cartmel
Maria Cartmel
Maggie Cartmel
Elizth.A. Cartmel
Ama Cartmel
Kate Cartmel
Elizh.Ann Cartmel
Ada Cartmel
Henrietta Cartmel
Dorothy Cartmel
Christina Cartmel
Rachel Cartmel
Florance Cartmel
Augusta Cartmel
Mart. Cartmel
Ethel Cartmel
Anne Cartmel
Ellen Cartmel
Amy Cartmel
L.M. Cartmel
Elizth. Cartmel
Jennie Cartmel
Adeline Cartmel
Vernonca Cartmel
Helena Cartmel
Dora Cartmel
Rose Cartmel
Hanna Cartmel
Cathrine Cartmel
May Cartmel
Georgina Cartmel
Betty Cartmel
Fanny Cartmel

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Slate River
Domestic Servant
At Home
Farm Labourer
Cotton Weaver
Iron Ore Miner
Farm Servant
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Servant (Indr)
Farm Servant (Indoor) (Ag Lab)
Farm Servant (Dom)
Winder In Cotton Mill
Engine Driver Wife
Errand Boy
Errend Boy
Farm Laborer
Farm Servant (Ag Lab)
Farm Labourer Indoor
Farmer 80 Acre
Farmer 3 Acres & Labourer
Clothiers Assistant (Tailor)
Domestic Serv (Unemployed Cripple)
Apprentice To Plastrer
Assists In House
Asst To Father (Eng Driver
Book Keeper
Boots (Hotel Serv)
Cabinet Maker
Chief Engineer
Clerk At Colliery
Coal Dealer
Commercial Traveller
Cook Dom Servt
Cotton Porter
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Winder
Domestic Serv