Carus in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Alexander Carus
John Carus
Thomas Carus
James Carus
William Carus
Edmund Carus
Thos.Henry Carus
Sanford Carus
Matthew Carus
Israel Carus
Herbert Carus
George Carus
Francis Carus
Charles Carus
Sandford Carus
Joseph Carus
Isaac Carus
Henry Carus
Frederick Carus

Top female forenames

Mary Carus
Sarah Carus
Ann Carus
Margaret Carus
Ellen Carus
Emma Carus
Blanche Carus
Sophia Carus
Agnes Carus
Jessie Carus
Helen Carus
Fanny Carus
Catherine Carus
Susannah Carus
Martha Carus
Lucy Carus
Jane Carus
Harriet Carus
Elizabeth Carus

Top occupations

Cotton Spinner
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Operative Cotton Mill
Model Maker (Looms)
Musical Artiste
Painter Master Employing 4 Men And One Boy
Self Actor Cotton Winder
Tape Sizer
Tin Plate Worker
Master Cotton Manufacturer
Machine Smith
Cotton Manufacturer (Employing 244 Workpeople)
Engine Driver
General Domestic Servant
Heald Knitter
House Painter
Iron Moulder
Joiners Apprentice