Carveth in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Carveth
John Carveth
Henry Carveth
James Carveth
Thomas Carveth
Arthur Carveth
Chas. Carveth
Bennett Carveth
Richard Carveth
Oliver Carveth
Joseph Carveth
Willm. Carveth
Walter Carveth
Guy Carveth
Stephen Carveth
Saml. Carveth
Alfred Carveth
Lawrence Carveth
Herbert Carveth
Harry Carveth
Francis Carveth
Samuel Carveth
Buckland Carveth
Robert Carveth
Philip Carveth
Albert Carveth
Olie Carveth

Top female forenames

Mary Carveth
Ann Carveth
Ellen Carveth
Annie Carveth
Jane Carveth
Sarah Carveth
Elizabeth Carveth
Frances Carveth
Eliza Carveth
Catherine Carveth
Maria Carveth
Bessie Carveth
Emily Carveth
Edith Carveth
Agnes Carveth
Susan Carveth
Priscilla Carveth
Louisa Carveth
Julia Carveth
Alice Carveth
Ethel Carveth
Trease Carveth
Philippa Carveth
Martha Carveth
Bethia Carveth
Margret Carveth
Avis Carveth
Kate Carveth
Johanna Carveth
Emma Carveth

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Farmers Son
Tin Miners Wife
Masons Widow
Late Cook (Pauper)
Ore Dresser Tin (Miner)
None (Almshouse Inmate)
Naval Pensioner Labourer In Wks
Mortar Mason
Printer Wife
Work On Farm
Wife Of Naval Pensioner Labourer In Wks
Trained Certificated Schoolmaster
Tin Miner Retired
Retired Bookseller
Stone Mason
Ships Corporal Wife
Ships Corporal 1 Cl
Hotel Post Boy (Inn Servt)
Greenwich Pensioner
Drapers Apprentice
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv General
Confectioners Assistant
Carpenters Apprentice
Carpenter & Joiner
Ag. Lab.
Farmer & Butcher Employing 2 Men And 1 Boy & 150 Acres
General Servant
General Serv
General Domestic Servant
General Domestic Serv
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 250 Acres Employing 2 Labourers
Farmer Of 160 Acres Employing 3 Labourers
Farmer Of 115 Acres