Carwell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Frederick Carwell
Thomas Carwell
Richard Carwell
James Carwell
Henry Carwell
William Carwell
Edmund Carwell
Robert Carwell
Alfred Carwell
Joseph Carwell
George Carwell
Francis Carwell
Thos. Carwell
Christopher Carwell
Abraham Carwell
Josh.Johntson Carwell
John Carwell
Isaac Carwell
Harry Carwell
Edwin Carwell
Walter Carwell
David Carwell

Top female forenames

Mary Carwell
Ellen Carwell
Sarah Carwell
Annie Carwell
Harriet Carwell
Elizabeth Carwell
Maria Carwell
Jeanie Carwell
Emma Carwell
Margaret Carwell
Julia Carwell
Jane Carwell
Susanah Carwell
E. Carwell
Catherine Carwell
Ada Carwell
Louisa Carwell
Henrietta Carwell
Elizth. Carwell
Selina Carwell
Eliz.A. Carwell
Olivia Carwell
Clara Carwell
Martha Carwell

Top occupations

Bars Dresser (Broom Mkr)
Railway Porter
Lodging House Keeper
((Assistant In House Duties))
Housekeeper Domestic Serv
General Servant
Medical Student
Merchants Clerk Unemployed
Needle Woman
Serv Dom
Travling Draper
General Serv
General Labourer
Agent (Virgin Cook)
Artist In Fancy Leather (Furrier)
Besmer ? (Jute)
Chief Clerk Estate Offices
Cigar Maker
Colliery Secretary (Clerk)
Compositor (Pr)
Cook &ct
Cook Dom Sert
Dom Serv
Engine Cleaner
Engine Cleaner Wife
Engine Fitter Out Of Employ
Excise Officer
Factory Worker