Casley in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Casley
John Casley
James Casley
Thomas Casley
George Casley
Richard Casley
Henry Casley
Joseph Casley
Alfred Casley
Peter Casley
Jno. Casley
Samuel Casley
Charles Casley
Noah Casley
Walter Casley
Christopher Casley
Arthur Casley
Martin Casley
Abraham Casley
Tom Casley
Harold Casley
Gariel Casley
Robert Casley
Edwin Casley
Reginald Casley
Allen Casley
Kimble Casley
Albert Casley
Willm. Casley
Jas. Casley
Thos. Casley
Stephen Casley
Ruith Casley
Frank Casley

Top female forenames

Mary Casley
Elizabeth Casley
Ann Casley
Margaret Casley
Jane Casley
Emma Casley
Ellen Casley
Sarah Casley
Eliza Casley
Annie Casley
Florence Casley
Susan Casley
Elizth. Casley
Catherine Casley
Frances Casley
Lily Casley
Eliz. Casley
Celia Casley
Martha Casley
Wilmot Casley
Alice Casley
Kate Casley
Nancy Casley
Bessie Casley
Thirza Casley
Anna Casley
Loveday Casley
Fanny Casley
Susanh. Casley
Amelia Casley
Elzaetnn Casley
Sophia Casley
Ada Casley
Kezia Casley
Nanny Casley
Johannah Casley
Moad Casley
Matilda Casley
Honor Casley
Harriet Casley
Blenda Casley
Margret Casley
Gertrude Casley
Thomason Casley
Lydia Casley
Susanna Casley
Louisa Casley
Lawra Casley
Ellin Casley
Jessie Casley

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Farmers Wife
Farm Labourer
General Servant
Tin & Copper Miner
Police Constable
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Iron Miner
Cabinet Maker
Labourer (Genl)
Agricultural Labour
Miner Ironstone
Grocers Assistant
Grocermaster Employing 2 Hands
General Laborer
General Practitioner M.D. & C B Edinburgh
General Serv
Girl At Tin Stamps
Genl Serv (Dom)
General Servt
General Servant (Farm) (Indoor)
Coal Miner
Agricultural Labourer
Works At Mine (Tin)
Blacksmiths Wife
Boiler Maker
Builders Manager
Butcher Unemployed
Commercial Traveler
Commission Clark
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant General
Drapers Clerk
Driver Of Mail Cart (Carter)
Engineer Tin Mine (22/2)