Cassells in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cassells
William Cassells
James Cassells
Thomas Cassells
Robert Cassells
David Cassells
Samuel Cassells
Patrick Cassells
Wm. Cassells
George Cassells
Andrew Cassells
Henry Cassells
Fred Cassells
Tom Cassells
Bernard Cassells
Alexander Cassells
I.William Cassells
Frederick Cassells
Edwin Cassells
Charles Cassells
Nicholas Cassells
Geo.Rbt. Cassells

Top female forenames

Mary Cassells
Jane Cassells
Sarah Cassells
Margaret Cassells
Elizabeth Cassells
Ann Cassells
Dorothy Cassells
Barbara Cassells
Fanny Cassells
Marion Cassells
Maria Cassells
Lucy Cassells
Anne Cassells
Jessie Cassells
Agnes Cassells
Violet Cassells
Hannah Cassells
Susanna Cassells
May Cassells
Eleanor Cassells
Bertha Cassells
Annie Cassells
Julia Cassells
Janet Cassells
Winifred Cassells
Isabbela Cassells
Susannah Cassells
Florence Cassells
Susan Cassells
Euphenia Cassells
Olive Cassells
Eliza Cassells

Top occupations

Genl Lab
General Laborer
Cotton Spinner
Chem Labourer
Blue Slater
Stone Mason
Sub Editor & Reporter
Labourer (Chemic Works)
Laborer In Glassworks
Blanket Whipper
House Maid Domestic
House Carpenter
Mantle Maker
Marine Stoker (Seaman)
Night Watchman
Sawyer At Mill
Saleswoman In Shop
Rove Whelks
Pork Shop
General Lab
Office Cleaner
No Occupation
Heater Of Rivets (S Builder)
Governess (Teacher)
Goods Guard (Railway)
Farm Lab
Excavator (Quarry)
Engine Fitter
Engine Driver
Cotton Rover
Domestic Sevt
Domestic Servant
Dock Labourer
Farm Labourer
Farm Servant
General Serv Domestic
Gen Servant
Gardener Domestic Servant
Gardener Dom
Foreman Engineer & Mash Wife
Foreman Engineer & Mash