Cassey in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Cassey
John Cassey
Thomas Cassey
William Cassey
George Cassey
Frank Cassey
Edward Cassey
Joseph Cassey
Patrick Cassey
Michael Cassey
Sidney Cassey
Harry Cassey
Arthur Cassey
Samuel Cassey
Herbert Cassey
Richard Cassey
Percy Cassey
Patric Cassey
Michial Cassey
Cliford Cassey
Miathias Cassey
Walter Cassey
Charles Cassey
Timothy Cassey
Albert Cassey
J. Cassey
Robert Cassey
Reginald Cassey
Frederick Cassey
Edwin Cassey
Pat Cassey
David Cassey
Chas. Cassey
Laurence Cassey
Uriah Cassey
Johnny Cassey

Top female forenames

Mary Cassey
Ellen Cassey
Ann Cassey
Sarah Cassey
Eliza Cassey
Clara Cassey
Margaret Cassey
Catherine Cassey
Bridget Cassey
Annie Cassey
Anna Cassey
Patience Cassey
Jane Cassey
Nellie Cassey
Harriett Cassey
Hannah Cassey
Alice Cassey
Elizabeth Cassey
Charlotte Cassey
Isabella Cassey
Maggie Cassey
Susan Cassey
Kate Cassey
Agnes Cassey
Cathrin Cassey
Bridgett Cassey
Maria Cassey
Frances Cassey
Eva Cassey
Louise Cassey
Amy Cassey
Emily Cassey
Laura Cassey
Juliet Cassey
Ada Cassey
Rose Cassey
Edra Cassey
Jessie Cassey
Norah Cassey
Minnie Cassey
Harriet Cassey
Martha Cassey
Georgina Cassey
Margret Cassey
Anne Cassey
Florence Cassey
Emma Cassey
Louisa Cassey
Amelia Cassey
Rosette Cassey

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farm Lab
Match Maker
Waterside Labourer
Agricult Labourer
Domestic Servant
Railway Porter
Station Scholar
Farm Labourer
Hotel Manager
Work At Carpet Factory
Fishermans Wife
Formerly Laundress
Gen Labr
Harness Maker
General Domestic Servant
Gl Labr Unemployed
Genl Servant
General Lab
General Serv (Dom)
General Serv Domestic
Clay Dealer Marl Hole Labr
Back Overman I Mines
Book Canvasser
Brewer & Innkeeper
Brick Layer Laborer
Brick Layer Laborer Wife
Barmaid (Inn)
Building Laborer
Carpenter Journeyman
Chambermaid Domestic
Colt To New River Coy
Commercial Traveller
Cook (Domestic Serv)
Cotton Operative
Cotton Tenter
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Serv Nurse
Dress Maker