Catlow in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Catlow
James Catlow
Thomas Catlow
William Catlow
Henry Catlow
George Catlow
Robert Catlow
Samuel Catlow
Joseph Catlow
Richard Catlow
Benjamin Catlow
Walter Catlow
Charles Catlow
Isaac Catlow
Alfred Catlow
Harry Catlow
Jonathan Catlow
Christopher Catlow
Arthur Catlow
Edward Catlow
Hartley Catlow
Edmund Catlow
Alexander Catlow
Edwin Catlow
Jesse Catlow
Albert Catlow
Amos Catlow
David Catlow
Sam Catlow
Ernest Catlow
Frank Catlow
Julian Catlow
Harold Catlow
Peter Catlow
Hampden Catlow
Charlie Catlow
Fred Catlow
Lawrence Catlow
Singleton Catlow
Wright Catlow
Lewis Catlow
Wm. Catlow
Bowker Catlow
Howard Catlow
Roger Catlow
Elias Catlow
Willie Catlow
Benj. Catlow
Herbert Catlow
Joshua Catlow

Top female forenames

Mary Catlow
Sarah Catlow
Elizabeth Catlow
Jane Catlow
Alice Catlow
Ellen Catlow
Margaret Catlow
Ann Catlow
Nancy Catlow
Hannah Catlow
Annie Catlow
Martha Catlow
Emma Catlow
Eliza Catlow
Betty Catlow
Susannah Catlow
Catherine Catlow
Esther Catlow
Harriet Catlow
Betsy Catlow
Fanny Catlow
Anne Catlow
Clara Catlow
Grace Catlow
Kate Catlow
Margret Catlow
Emily Catlow
Edith Catlow
Lucy Catlow
Maria Catlow
Eleanor Catlow
Isabella Catlow
Matilda Catlow
Louisa Catlow
Rose Catlow
Elizth. Catlow
Easter Catlow
Nanny Catlow
Janet Catlow
Susan Catlow
Amanda Catlow
Lydia Catlow
Bridget Catlow
Bettey Catlow
Gertrude Catlow
Bertha Catlow
Florence Catlow
Margt. Catlow
Minnie Catlow
Maggie Catlow

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Hat Trimmer
Cotton Winder
Coal Miner
Weaver (C)
Farmers Wife
House Keeper
General Labourer
Felt Hatter
Cott Weaver
Cotton Spinner
Weaver (Cotton)
Worsted Weaver
Hat Finisher
Cotton Twister
Formerly Cotton Weaver
Cotton Rover
House Wife
Farmer Of 9 Acres
Cotton Weaver (7)
Booksellers Asst
Ag Lab
Harding Weaver (Rase)
Carters Wife
Formerley Cotton Weaver
Hat Weaver
Farmers Daughter
Gen Lab
Farmer Sister
Hatter Wife
Assist Cotton Weaver Half Time At School
House Work
Beer House Keeper
Farmers Son
Hat Blocker