Catterson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Catterson
William Catterson
Thomas Catterson
Robert Catterson
James Catterson
Joseph Catterson
Francis Catterson
Stephen Catterson
Samuel Catterson
Charles Catterson
Wm. Catterson
Selby Catterson
George Catterson
Ernest Catterson

Top female forenames

Mary Catterson
Elizabeth Catterson
Sarah Catterson
Jane Catterson
Annie Catterson
Elizth. Catterson
Amelia Catterson
Hannah Catterson
Clara Catterson
Emily Catterson
Dorothy Catterson
Betsey Catterson
Mabel Catterson
Louisa Catterson
Ada Catterson
Emma Catterson
Edith Catterson
Minnie Catterson
Beatrice Catterson
Magt.Eleanor Catterson
Ann Catterson
Lucy Catterson
Agnes Catterson
Ethel Catterson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Tanners Daughter
General Laborer
Colliery Labourer
Occupied In Domestic Affairs
Mariner (S Man)
Tanner Master
Magistrates Wife
Magistrate Tanner & Farmer (300 Acres 40 Men & Lad Employed)
Licensed Vitualler
Pilots Wife
Railway Platelayers Widow
Retired Coal Merchant
Tanners Wife
Steam Plough Proprietress
Tailors Wife
Lamp Manufacturers Labourer
Lamp Dealer Emp 8 Men 2 Boys
Domestic Servant
Dairyman Employing 4 Men
Commercial Traveler (Grocery)
Coal Miners Wife
Apprentice In Engine Works
Coal Merchant
Clerk Bank England
Clerk Bank
Domestic Servent
Labourer Shipyard (Builder)
Laborers Wife
General Servant (Dom)
Farmer's Wife
Farmer Of 147 Acres Employ 1 Labourer 1 Boy
Farm Laborer
Engineman (Dr)
Engine Man (Dr)
Clerk (Railway)