Cauldwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cauldwell
Joseph Cauldwell
William Cauldwell
Thomas Cauldwell
George Cauldwell
James Cauldwell
Samuel Cauldwell
Henry Cauldwell
Frederick Cauldwell
Arthur Cauldwell
Wm. Cauldwell
Robert Cauldwell
Jesse Cauldwell
Peter Cauldwell
Albert Cauldwell
Frank Cauldwell
Edmund Cauldwell
Paul Cauldwell
Luke Cauldwell
Alfred Cauldwell
Willm. Cauldwell
Infant Cauldwell
Thos. Cauldwell
Sidney Cauldwell
Saml. Cauldwell
Edward Cauldwell
David Cauldwell
Moses Cauldwell
Charles Cauldwell
Joshua Cauldwell
Fredrick Cauldwell
Christopher Cauldwell
Bertram Cauldwell

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cauldwell
Mary Cauldwell
Sarah Cauldwell
Hannah Cauldwell
Emma Cauldwell
Alice Cauldwell
Ann Cauldwell
Maria Cauldwell
Martha Cauldwell
Annie Cauldwell
Jane Cauldwell
Ellen Cauldwell
Eliza Cauldwell
Kate Cauldwell
Millicent Cauldwell
Emily Cauldwell
Margaret Cauldwell
Agnes Cauldwell
Fanny Cauldwell
Nancy Cauldwell
Milicent Cauldwell
Susannah Cauldwell
Dora Cauldwell
Selina Cauldwell
Louisa Cauldwell
Bridget Cauldwell
Rosie Cauldwell
Rose Cauldwell
Harriet Cauldwell
Patience Cauldwell
Florence Cauldwell
Add Cauldwell
Oliva Cauldwell
Emmilie Cauldwell
Matilda Cauldwell
Edith Cauldwell
Sophia Cauldwell
Clara Cauldwell
Lilly Cauldwell
Bertha Cauldwell
Roseannah Cauldwell
Priscilla Cauldwell
Paselia Cauldwell

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Labourer
House Work
Cook Shop (4/2)
Coal Miner
Farmers Daughter
General Servant
No Occupation
Calico Finisher (Dyer)
Game Keeper
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 136 Acres Employing 2 Labourers Out
Gen Lab
General Carter
Genl Labourer
Glass Cutter
Gun Action Filler
Hat Maker
Hay Dealers Carter
Wood Turner
Dom Serv
Engine Driver In Coal Mine
Agricultural Labourer
Carpenters Labr Unemployed
Brass Founder
Clerk (Button Factors)
Coach Builder
Booksellers Assistant
Cook Dom Servt
Cotton Ruler
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Domestic Cook
Domestic Servant Unemployed
Ag Lab Unemployed
Driver On Canal