Cavell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cavell
Charles Cavell
George Cavell
William Cavell
James Cavell
Henry Cavell
Thomas Cavell
Edward Cavell
Frederick Cavell
Alfred Cavell
Ernest Cavell
Percy Cavell
Robert Cavell
Arthur Cavell
Walter Cavell
Richard Cavell
Albert Cavell
Joseph Cavell
Phillip Cavell
Frank Cavell
Edmond Cavell
Fred Cavell
Alexander Cavell
Edwin Cavell
Doratson Cavell
Herbert Cavell
Chas.Pettit Cavell
Heleb Cavell
Bert Cavell
Morris Cavell
Geo Cavell
Maylon Cavell
Lewis Cavell
Willie Cavell
Alexanda Cavell
Josephus Cavell
Sydney Cavell
Jeremiah Cavell
Samul. Cavell
Horace Cavell
Daniel Cavell
Benjamin Cavell
Milman Cavell
Fredk. Cavell
Andrew Cavell
Louis Cavell
Wm. Cavell
Lawrence Cavell
Francis Cavell
Job Cavell

Top female forenames

Mary Cavell
Sarah Cavell
Elizabeth Cavell
Emily Cavell
Florence Cavell
Annie Cavell
Ellen Cavell
Edith Cavell
Harriet Cavell
Louisa Cavell
Ann Cavell
Rebecca Cavell
Hannah Cavell
Eliza Cavell
Jane Cavell
Frances Cavell
Alice Cavell
Rose Cavell
Jessie Cavell
Emma Cavell
Harriett Cavell
Agnes Cavell
Fanny Cavell
Ethel Cavell
Maria Cavell
Elizth Cavell
Lucy Cavell
Lizzie Cavell
Amelia Cavell
Flora Cavell
Ada Cavell
Eunice Cavell
Grace Cavell
Rosa Cavell
Clara Cavell
Eva Cavell
Matilda Cavell
Martha Cavell
Elsey Cavell
Be...a Cavell
Anne Cavell
Hanah Cavell
Winifred Cavell
Eliz. Cavell
Lilian Cavell
Constance Cavell
Kathleen Cavell
Adelaide Cavell
Eveline Cavell
Christiana Cavell

Top occupations

No Occupation
Pupil Teacher
Stone Mason
General Labourer
Domestic Servant
Cotton Weaver
Fish Dealer
Brewer Daur
Fishmonger & Poulterer
Fishmonger Assistant
Gardner ND.
Bakers Lad
Domestic Servant (Maid)
Draper Master Employing
Farm Labourer
Dressmaker (Improver)
Errand Boy
Engine Smith
Wife Of Vicar Of Swardeston Norfolk
Druggists Assistant
Domestic Servt Housemaid
Domestic Cook Servt
Captns Cook
Annuitant & Authoress
Apprentice Carpenter
Baker (Master)
Book Keeper
Botler Ginger Beer
Carpenter Employing 1 Man & 3 Apprentices
Chair Maker (Cabt)
Cheesemongers Por
Chemist & Wine Merchant
Clerk (Junior)
Clerk New Zealand Agricultl Co
Coal Dealer