Caven in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Caven
Robert Caven
Alexander Caven
James Caven
George Caven
John Caven
Douglas Caven
Charles Caven
Watson Caven
Nathaniel Caven
Frederick Caven
Crowther Caven
Campbell Caven
Samuel Caven
Patrick Caven
K. Caven
Jas. Caven

Top female forenames

Mary Caven
Elizabeth Caven
Gertrude Caven
Jane Caven
Annie Caven
Hannah Caven
Emma Caven
Sarah Caven
Edith Caven
Catherine Caven
Bridget Caven
Janet Caven
Beatrice Caven
Isabella Caven
Ann Caven
Adelaide Caven
Ethel Caven
Ellen Caven
Nellie Caven
Eliza Caven
Dorothy Caven
Marion Caven
Caroline Caven
Julia Caven
Betty Caven
Amy Caven
Fanny Caven
Maryam Caven
Marsalla Caven
K. Caven

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Market Porter
Master Draper
No Occupation
Nurse (Domestic)
Ord Seaman
Police Constable
Retired Joiner
Steam Sawyer
Steam Sawyer Empoloy 4 Men At Steam Saw Mills
Store Keeper
Tailoress (Unemployed)
Labourer & Fireman
A G Lab
Battr. Sgt. Major C...bde R. A.
Cab Driver
Card Machine Tender (Wd)
Cashier Timber Trade
Coal Miner
Cook (Domestic)
Domestic Servt
Drapers Assistant
Errand Boy Saddlers
General Servant
Widow Of A Miner