Cavender in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cavender
William Cavender
James Cavender
Thomas Cavender
George Cavender
Charles Cavender
Robert Cavender
Joseph Cavender
Samuel Cavender
Peter Cavender
Ernest Cavender
Alexander Cavender
Richard Cavender
Matthew Cavender
Harry Cavender
Frederick Cavender
Edward Cavender
Alfred Cavender

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cavender
Mary Cavender
Sarah Cavender
Margaret Cavender
Emma Cavender
Matilda Cavender
Ann Cavender
Sophia Cavender
Alice Cavender
Patience Cavender
Jane Cavender
Frances Cavender
Ellen Cavender
Eliza Cavender
Allan Cavender
Martha Cavender
Julia Cavender
Harriet Cavender

Top occupations

General Laborer
Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Cotton Hand
Cotton Operative Weaver
No Occupation
Labourer In Iron Works
Pickling Factory ...
Railway Stoker
Boiler Rivetter
Service Pipe Layer For Gas Compy
Shirt Maker
Wheelwrights Apprentice
Helps His Father
Boot Machinist
Brewers Cooper
Coal Whipper
Dealer In Floor Cloth
Engine Stoker (Loc)
Floor Cloth Printer
General Labourer
General Servant Domestic
Wife Of William Cavender Mate On Sailing Ship