Caveney in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Caveney
Patrick Caveney
Michael Caveney
Thomas Caveney
James Caveney
William Caveney
Andrew Caveney
Francis Caveney
Martin Caveney
Wm. Caveney
Harriet Caveney
Thos. Caveney
Peter Caveney
Conn Caveney
Owen Caveney
Albert Caveney
Malachi Caveney
Jas. Caveney
Henry Caveney
Frederick Caveney
Edward Caveney
Miles Caveney
Joseph Caveney
Jno. Caveney

Top female forenames

Mary Caveney
Bridget Caveney
Margaret Caveney
Ellen Caveney
Sarah Caveney
Ann Caveney
Annie Caveney
Elizabeth Caveney
Catherine Caveney
Kate Caveney
Eliza Caveney
Winifred Caveney
Cath Caveney
Rosa Caveney
Belle Caveney
Marindi Caveney
Anne Caveney
Marguerite Caveney
Agnes Caveney
Marceilla Caveney
Hannah Caveney
Maria Caveney
Emma Caveney
Elizth. Caveney

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Operative
General Labourer
Farmers Laborer Ag Lab
Umbrella Makers
Cotton Frame Tenter
Dock Lab
Cardroom Cotton Mill
Twister In Cotton Mill
Cotton Piecer
House Duties
Farm Labourer
Labourer Iron Works
Fish Dealer
Laborer Dock
Fish Hawker
Forgeman Iron Works
Gen Lab
Gen Servant Out Of Employ
Iron Founder
House Maid (Dom)
Hosier Welter
Factory Hand (Cloth)
Domestic Servant
Docks Labourer
Calico Printer
Brickyard Labourer
Bricksetters Labourer (Maker)
Bricklayers Labourer
Bricklayers Laborer
Bricklayers Lab ...
Box Cutter
Boiler Maker
Works In Scutching Room
Cotton Winder
Cotton Piecer Half Timer
Brick Yard Labourer
Cotton Factory
Coal Miner Wife
Chip Merchant
Chem Works Lab