Cavey in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cavey
George Cavey
Thomas Cavey
Francis Cavey
William Cavey
Arthur Cavey
James Cavey
Henry Cavey
Herbert Cavey
Albert Cavey
Frank Cavey
Tom Cavey
Andrew Cavey
Frederick Cavey
Patrick Cavey
Ernest Cavey
Robert Cavey
Maxime Cavey
Wm. Cavey
Mathew Cavey
Ephrahuin Cavey
Willm. Cavey
Mark Cavey
Edward Cavey
Walter Cavey
Leonard Cavey
Charles Cavey
T.R. Cavey
Alfred Cavey
Stephen Cavey
Robt. Cavey
Francois Cavey
Wm.Arthur Cavey
Matthew Cavey
Withers Cavey
Martin Cavey
Elias Cavey
Lewis Cavey
Dennis Cavey
W.J. Cavey
Ambrose Cavey
Sydney Cavey
Harry Cavey
Samuel Cavey
Fredk. Cavey

Top female forenames

Mary Cavey
Elizabeth Cavey
Alice Cavey
Sarah Cavey
Eliza Cavey
Ann Cavey
Emily Cavey
Ellen Cavey
Annie Cavey
Lilly Cavey
Emma Cavey
Sophia Cavey
Ada Cavey
Jane Cavey
Edith Cavey
Martha Cavey
Lucy Cavey
Harriet Cavey
Florence Cavey
Bridget Cavey
Marie Cavey
Evelyn Cavey
Louise Cavey
Esther Cavey
Winefred Cavey
Katherine Cavey
Elsie Cavey
Ruth Cavey
Alexandra Cavey
Julia Cavey
Rebecca Cavey
Prudence Cavey
Harriett Cavey
Charlotte Cavey
May Cavey
Hannah Cavey
Caroline Cavey
F. Cavey
Berth Cavey
Ethel Cavey
Anne Cavey
Louisa Cavey
Estelle Cavey
Susan Cavey
Amy Cavey
Lilian Cavey
Alexandrina Cavey
Kate Cavey
Rose Cavey
Agnes Cavey

Top occupations

Carpenter & Painter
Bricklayers Lab
Ag Labourer
Farm Serv
Farm Servant Domestic
Farm Servant
Farm Labr
Engine Fitter
Dressmakers App
Dressmaker Keeper St Johns Independant Chapel
Gardeners Wife
Farmer 9 Acres 1 Man
Farmer Of 150 Acres Employing 3 Men & 2 Boys
Gardeners Labourer
Gardener (M)
Formerly Farmers Wife
Foreman Control Dept R Arsenal
Footman Domestic
Fly Proprietor
Fireman At Coke Ovens
Fireman M F B
Drapers Assistant
Brewers Clerk
Boy 1 Class
Baker Retired
Agricultural Labourer
Agricult Labourer
Ag Laborer
Builders Clerk
Buttler Wife
Domestic Servant
Cotton Weaver
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Dom
Coachmans Wife
Coachman Domestic Servant
Carpenter & Joiner