Cawrse in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Cawrse
William Cawrse
Joseph Cawrse
George Cawrse
John Cawrse
Mathew Cawrse
Frank Cawrse
Edward Cawrse
Aurthur Cawrse
Albert Cawrse
Nicholas Cawrse
Llewellyn Cawrse
Edwin Cawrse
Arthur Cawrse
Wm. Cawrse
Roger Cawrse
Henery Cawrse

Top female forenames

Mary Cawrse
Elizabeth Cawrse
Ann Cawrse
Rebecca Cawrse
Emlin Cawrse
Dora Cawrse
Catherine Cawrse
Juliana Cawrse
Helen Cawrse
Eva Cawrse
Charlote Cawrse
Anne Cawrse
Prudence Cawrse
Leonora Cawrse
Jane Cawrse
G. Cawrse

Top occupations

Drapers & Milliner
House Keeper
Retired Farmer
Inn Keeper
General Agricultural Servant
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 90 Acres
Farmer Of 82 Acr
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Farmer Of 150 Acres
Farmer Of 14 Acres
Farmer Of 120 Acr.
Butcher And Farmer Of 130 Acres
(Farmers Son)
(Ag) labourer