Cawthra in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cawthra
Thomas Cawthra
William Cawthra
Henry Cawthra
Joseph Cawthra
Samuel Cawthra
James Cawthra
Arthur Cawthra
George Cawthra
Edwin Cawthra
Fred Cawthra
David Cawthra
Walter Cawthra
Ernest Cawthra
Charles Cawthra
Alfred Cawthra
Richard Cawthra
Herbert Cawthra
Harry Cawthra
Willie Cawthra
Albert Cawthra
Fred. Cawthra
Jonas Cawthra
Herman Cawthra
Christopher Cawthra
Procter Cawthra
Carl Cawthra
Miles Cawthra
Allen Cawthra
Lindsay Cawthra
Joshua Cawthra
Tom Cawthra
Jonothan Cawthra
Francis Cawthra
Sutcliffe Cawthra
Sidney Cawthra
Jas. Cawthra
Sam Cawthra
Israel Cawthra
Daniel Cawthra
Randolph Cawthra
Herbet Cawthra
Preston Cawthra
Wright Cawthra
Lowis Cawthra
Harold Cawthra
Laurence Cawthra
Frederick Cawthra
Victor Cawthra
Foster Cawthra

Top female forenames

Mary Cawthra
Sarah Cawthra
Annie Cawthra
Martha Cawthra
Elizabeth Cawthra
Emma Cawthra
Jane Cawthra
Hannah Cawthra
Emily Cawthra
Alice Cawthra
Clara Cawthra
Harriet Cawthra
Lucy Cawthra
Margaret Cawthra
Ann Cawthra
Amelia Cawthra
Maria Cawthra
Mabel Cawthra
Susannah Cawthra
Ruth Cawthra
Priscilla Cawthra
Eliza Cawthra
Edith Cawthra
Frances Cawthra
Betsy Cawthra
Lydia Cawthra
Filbie Cawthra
Louisa Cawthra
Eunice Cawthra
Lina Cawthra
Ester Cawthra
Lilian Cawthra
Rebecca Cawthra
Ada Cawthra
Julia Cawthra
Minnie Cawthra
Eleanor Cawthra
Constance Cawthra
Grace Cawthra
Catherine Cawthra
Florance Cawthra
Barleral Cawthra
Fanny Cawthra
Annice Cawthra
Lottie Cawthra
Ethel Cawthra
Amy Cawthra
Lily Cawthra
Kate Cawthra
Ellen Cawthra

Top occupations

Worsted Spinner
Worsted Weaver
Coal Miner
Spinner Worsted
Reed & Heald Maker (Spin Mach Mr)
Stuff Weaver
Weaver Worsted
House Duties
Cotton Weaver
Cloth Finisher
Coal Merchant
Cotton Dyer
Foreman At Carpet Works
Farmer 4 Acres
Dyer And Finisher
Farmers Wife
Genl Servt (Dom)
Gardener ND
Furniture Broker
Factory Hand (Worsted) (Tex)
French Polisher
Foremans Widow
Engine Fitter At Works
Farm Salesman (Cl Dhr)
Beer Seller Wife
Bobbin Doffer Worsted
Boots (Inn Serv)
Cabinet Maker
Card Dresser
Card Dresser & Grocer (Text)
Cart Driver Or General Laborer
Cartwright Out Of Employ (Ott)
Cashier To Stuff Merchant
Clerk Cotton Goods
Cloth Dresser
Coal Labourer
Commercial Accountant
Cotton Mill Hand
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Warp Dyer
Cotton Warp Presser