Cetta in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cetta
Peter Cetta
Guiseppi Cetta
Giovanni Cetta
Austin Cetta
William Cetta
Guiliano Cetta
Edward Cetta

Top female forenames

Mary Cetta
Juliana Cetta
Elizabeth Cetta
Appyloma Cetta
Ada Cetta
Myra Cetta
Loretta Cetta
Ellen Cetta
Catherine Cetta
Ann Cetta
Sarah Cetta

Top occupations

Fancy Repository (Tex)
Agent Unemployed
Fancy Gds General Fancy Dealer (Text)
Jeweller & General Dealer
Jewellers Assistant
Looking Glass Frame Maker
Partner With Above (Guiliano Cetta)
Polisher (Frch)