Chadbourne in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Chadbourne
Thomas Chadbourne
George Chadbourne
Richard Chadbourne
William Chadbourne
James Chadbourne
Charles Chadbourne
Isaac Chadbourne
Frederick Chadbourne
Samuel Chadbourne
Abraham Chadbourne
Matthew Chadbourne
Joseph Chadbourne
Eli Chadbourne
Stephen Chadbourne
Albert Chadbourne
Merrin Chadbourne
Levi Chadbourne
Harry Chadbourne
Walter Chadbourne
Edwin Chadbourne
Arther Chadbourne
Mowland Chadbourne
Wm. Chadbourne
Henry Chadbourne
Willaim Chadbourne
Wallace Chadbourne

Top female forenames

Mary Chadbourne
Ann Chadbourne
Sarah Chadbourne
Louisa Chadbourne
Elizabeth Chadbourne
Martha Chadbourne
Hannah Chadbourne
Ellen Chadbourne
Maria Chadbourne
Edith Chadbourne
Florence Chadbourne
Kate Chadbourne
Anne Chadbourne
Ida Chadbourne
Alice Chadbourne
Fanny Chadbourne
Emma Chadbourne
M. Chadbourne
Charlotte Chadbourne
Lilly Chadbourne
Annie Chadbourne
Jane Chadbourne
Harriett Chadbourne
Ada Chadbourne
Faith Chadbourne
Rachel Chadbourne
Eliz.A. Chadbourne
Margaret Chadbourne
Clara Chadbourne
Catherine Chadbourne

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Brick Yard Boy
Lace Mender
Railway Labourer
Horse Driver
Lace Brass Bobbin Winder
Lace Card Puncher
Lace Draughtsman
Lace Maker
Lace Manufacturer Employing 3 Men 28 Women
Manager of Lighters
Pattern Girl (Lace)
Potters Assistant
Hosiery Hand
Apprentice Drapery Establishment
Clipper Lace
Cotton Winder Manuf
Domestic Servant
Engine driver Railway
Engine Fitter
Errand Boy
Farm Labourer
Formerly Laundress
Fram W Knitter
Framework Knitter
General Labourer
Ag Lab
Stoker At Colliery