Chadburn in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Chadburn
John Chadburn
Joseph Chadburn
James Chadburn
Thomas Chadburn
George Chadburn
Richard Chadburn
Charles Chadburn
Henry Chadburn
Albert Chadburn
Arthur Chadburn
Alfred Chadburn
Walter Chadburn
Ernest Chadburn
Robert Chadburn
Frederick Chadburn
Edward Chadburn
Frank Chadburn
Herbert Chadburn
David Chadburn
Samuel Chadburn
Aaron Chadburn
Ezra Chadburn
Collin Chadburn
Leonard Chadburn
Francis Chadburn
Wright Chadburn
Joe Chadburn
Thos. Chadburn
Horace Chadburn
Benjamin Chadburn
Harry Chadburn
Mathew Chadburn
Geo. Chadburn
Levi Chadburn
Josh. Chadburn
Wm. Chadburn
Edwin Chadburn
Jas. Chadburn
Dermot Chadburn
J.C. Chadburn
Rubin Chadburn
Chappell Chadburn
Richd.Hy. Chadburn
Harworth Chadburn
Beckett Chadburn
Matthew Chadburn
Alick Chadburn
M.H. Chadburn

Top female forenames

Mary Chadburn
Sarah Chadburn
Elizabeth Chadburn
Annie Chadburn
Ellen Chadburn
Alice Chadburn
Jane Chadburn
Martha Chadburn
Ada Chadburn
Emma Chadburn
Ann Chadburn
Margaret Chadburn
Hannah Chadburn
Lucy Chadburn
Eliza Chadburn
Eleanor Chadburn
Maud Chadburn
Elizth. Chadburn
Louisa Chadburn
Millicent Chadburn
Harriet Chadburn
Selina Chadburn
Ruth Chadburn
Charlotte Chadburn
Kate Chadburn
Nancy Chadburn
Bertha Chadburn
Harriett Chadburn
Lilly Chadburn
Catherine Chadburn
Bessie Chadburn
Isabella Chadburn
Elleanor Chadburn
Margt. Chadburn
Harriott Chadburn
Mabel Chadburn
Susannah Chadburn
Grace Chadburn
Dinah Chadburn
Lizzy Chadburn
Florence Chadburn
Lillian Chadburn
Fanny Chadburn
Rebecca Chadburn
Caroline Chadburn
Evangeline Chadburn
Isabel Chadburn
Ida Chadburn
Lydia Chadburn
Sophia Chadburn

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Labourer
Frame Work Knitter (Cotton & Merino)
Cotton Winder
Cotton Weaver
General Serv
Coal Dealers Assistant
General Servant
Domestic Servant
Labourer (Gen)
Cotton Twister
Seamer Of Hosiery (Cotton & Merino)
Coal Dealer
Retired Confectioner
Railway Clerk
Spring Knife Cutler
Domestic Serv
Assistant Salesman
File Cutter
Laborer At Dyeworks
Farmers Daughter
Opticians Wife
House Keeper
Worsted Weaver
Engin Driver
Beer House Keeper
Dress Maker
Alms Housewoman
Butchers Errand Boy
Coal Miners Wife Out Of Work
Cole Miner
Colliery Banksman
Colliery Engine Driver
Coml Traveller
Commercial Traveller
Collar Stitcher (Shirt Mkr)
Carter (Ag Lab)
Canal Lab