Chadderton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Chadderton
James Chadderton
William Chadderton
Joseph Chadderton
Thomas Chadderton
George Chadderton
Henry Chadderton
Edward Chadderton
Samuel Chadderton
Richard Chadderton
Fred Chadderton
Alfred Chadderton
Robert Chadderton
Charles Chadderton
Wm. Chadderton
Albert Chadderton
Harry Chadderton
Frederick Chadderton
Herbert Chadderton
Levi Chadderton
Arthur Chadderton
Frank Chadderton
Andrew Chadderton
Ernest Chadderton
Willie Chadderton
Thos. Chadderton
Jonathan Chadderton
Ralph Chadderton
Hugh Chadderton
Walter Chadderton
Edwin Chadderton
Luke Chadderton
Wright Chadderton
Asa Chadderton
Jno. Chadderton
Reuben Chadderton
Arnold Chadderton
J.T. Chadderton
Wilfred Chadderton
Francis Chadderton
Nathaniel Chadderton
Ira Chadderton
Watts Chadderton
Eli Chadderton
Mary Chadderton
Adam Chadderton
Tom Chadderton
Lyulph Chadderton
Harvey Chadderton
Clement Chadderton

Top female forenames

Mary Chadderton
Sarah Chadderton
Elizabeth Chadderton
Alice Chadderton
Jane Chadderton
Ann Chadderton
Emma Chadderton
Hannah Chadderton
Margaret Chadderton
Annie Chadderton
Betty Chadderton
Nancy Chadderton
Edith Chadderton
Ellen Chadderton
Martha Chadderton
Esther Chadderton
Clara Chadderton
Elizth. Chadderton
Fanny Chadderton
Eliza Chadderton
Frances Chadderton
Lily Chadderton
Isabella Chadderton
Bertha Chadderton
Rebecca Chadderton
Agnes Chadderton
Phoebe Chadderton
Kate Chadderton
Lydia Chadderton
Edna Chadderton
Ada Chadderton
Catherine Chadderton
Caroline Chadderton
Emily Chadderton
Maria Chadderton
Anne Chadderton
Ruth Chadderton
Lucy Chadderton
Gertrude Chadderton
Lizzie Chadderton
Florence Chadderton
Clare Chadderton
Lilly Chadderton
Abigail Chadderton
Flora Chadderton
Nelly Chadderton
Charlotte Chadderton
...ia Chadderton
Carrie Chadderton
Marion Chadderton

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Silk Weaver
Coal Miner
Cotton Operative
Cotton Spinner
Reeler (Cotton)
Cotton Reeler
Brush Maker
At Home
Iron Moulder
Cotton Oper
Railway Porter
Spinner (Cotton)
Gold Lace Weaver
Cotton Winder
House Keeper
Weaver C
Railway Clerk
Weaver Cotton
Farmers Son
Hair Dresser
Iron Turner
Income From Houses And Land
Cotton Mill
Grocer & Draper
Finisher (C P)
Cotton Op Piecer
Engine Driver
Ag Lab
Cotton Peicer
Foreman Dyer
Laborer General
Self Actor Cotton Mill
Brewers Labr
(D) Nurse Girl