Chaff in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Chaff
John Chaff
Richard Chaff
Thomas Chaff
Robert Chaff
Ernest Chaff
Edward Chaff
Wm.E. Chaff
Herbert Chaff
Fredrick Chaff
Wm.Henry Chaff
Samuel Chaff
James Chaff
Henry Chaff
Frederick Chaff
Edwin Chaff

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Chaff
Sarah Chaff
Mary Chaff
Emma Chaff
Harriet Chaff
Ann Chaff
Emily Chaff
Clara Chaff
Maud Chaff
Kate Chaff
Ellen Chaff
Eliza.A. Chaff
Celia Chaff
Rosina Chaff
Isabella Chaff
Flora Chaff
Bessie Chaff

Top occupations

Worsted Weaver
Worsted Spinner
Cotton Weaver
School Teacher
Plumber & Gasfitter
Retired Baker
Retired Gunner R N (Navy Pensioner)
Shoe Rivetter
Slate Enameller
Stage Carriage Driver (Cab)
Waste Cleaner Woolen Factory
Wool Comber
Wool Sorter
Naval Pensioner
Labr Woollen Dye Works
Labourer (7)
Cook Domestic Servt
Copper Miner
Dairywoman (Ag)
Elementary Teacher (S M)
Engine Fitter At Works
General Lab
Grocer And Draper
Grocers Assistant
Lab Woollen Factory