Challenor in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Challenor
William Challenor
George Challenor
John Challenor
Joseph Challenor
Edward Challenor
Charles Challenor
Albert Challenor
Alfred Challenor
Richard Challenor
Arthur Challenor
Samuel Challenor
Henry Challenor
Harry Challenor
Frederick Challenor
Edwin Challenor
James Challenor
Benjaman Challenor
Frank Challenor
Ernest Challenor
Leonard Challenor
Jonathan Challenor
Benjamin Challenor
Edmond Challenor
Bromley Challenor
Valentine Challenor
Sidney Challenor
Aaron Challenor
Geo. Challenor
Peter Challenor
Octavius Challenor
Wm. Challenor
Jas. Challenor
Walter Challenor
Herbert Challenor
Henery Challenor
Randle Challenor
Pembroke Challenor
Francis Challenor
Levi Challenor

Top female forenames

Mary Challenor
Elizabeth Challenor
Martha Challenor
Margaret Challenor
Ann Challenor
Ellen Challenor
Frances Challenor
Eliza Challenor
Annie Challenor
Alice Challenor
Jane Challenor
Maria Challenor
Florence Challenor
Sarah Challenor
Fanny Challenor
Emily Challenor
Agnes Challenor
Harriet Challenor
Beatrice Challenor
Amy Challenor
Esther Challenor
Ada Challenor
Henrietta Challenor
Harriett Challenor
Hannah Challenor
Gertrude Challenor
Laura Challenor
Ruth Challenor
Margt. Challenor
Francis Challenor
Lydia Challenor
Lizzie Challenor
Winifred Challenor
Jenny Challenor
Emaly Challenor
Phoebe Challenor
Constance Challenor
Caroline Challenor
Marrian Challenor
Betsy Challenor
Baccoa Challenor
Louisa Challenor
Amie Challenor
Thomas Challenor
Jemmima Challenor
Isabella Challenor
Murriam Challenor
Helena Challenor
Charlotte Challenor
Blanche Challenor

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Tailor (Journeyman)
Engine Driver
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Stone Miner (Iron)
Farmers Wife
General Laborer
General Servant
Pupil Teacher
Fruit Shop Housekeeper (Cart)
Foreman Laborer Steelworks
Farmers Son
Fruiterer Son
Fruiterer Wife
Gardener (N D)
General Labour
General Labour Wife
General Labourer
General Provision Dealer
General Serv
Governess (Priv)(T)
Winder Cotton
Apprentice To Dressmaking
B.A.Cambridge Medical Student
Certificated Elementary School Teacher
Brass Finisher
China Gilder
Coach Painter
Boiler Plater
Coml Clerk Drapery
Domestic Servant Out Of Place
Dress Maker
Boat Builder
Engine Fitter
Errand Boy At A Refreshment Room
Farm Labour
Farm Labour Wife