Chaloner in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Chaloner
Thomas Chaloner
William Chaloner
George Chaloner
Charles Chaloner
James Chaloner
Edward Chaloner
Joseph Chaloner
Richard Chaloner
Samuel Chaloner
Arthur Chaloner
Edwin Chaloner
Henry Chaloner
Robert Chaloner
Geo. Chaloner
Frederick Chaloner
Thos. Chaloner
Walter Chaloner
Timothy Chaloner
Herbert Chaloner
Harry Chaloner
Josiah Chaloner
Job Chaloner
Alfred Chaloner
Fred Chaloner
Dan Chaloner
Richmund Chaloner
Benjamin Chaloner
Arnold Chaloner
Peter Chaloner
Vincent Chaloner
Albert Chaloner
Frank Chaloner
Aaron Chaloner
Felix Chaloner
Sydney Chaloner
Elizabeth Chaloner
Sidney Chaloner
Jane Chaloner
Edwd.C. Chaloner
Roger Chaloner
Ignatius Chaloner
Edmund Chaloner
Rick Chaloner
Richd.B. Chaloner
Philip Chaloner
Fredrick Chaloner
Llewellyn Chaloner
Adolphus Chaloner
Josh. Chaloner

Top female forenames

Mary Chaloner
Ann Chaloner
Jane Chaloner
Sarah Chaloner
Elizabeth Chaloner
Margaret Chaloner
Martha Chaloner
Ellen Chaloner
Emma Chaloner
Eliza Chaloner
Fanny Chaloner
Emily Chaloner
Annie Chaloner
Harriet Chaloner
Catherine Chaloner
Hannah Chaloner
Maria Chaloner
Agnes Chaloner
Edith Chaloner
Ada Chaloner
Mercy Chaloner
Matilda Chaloner
Amelia Chaloner
Sophia Chaloner
E. Chaloner
Clara Chaloner
Lucy Chaloner
Phoebe Chaloner
Arabella Chaloner
Alice Chaloner
Charlotte Chaloner
Rachel Chaloner
Lillie Chaloner
Blanche Chaloner
Kate Chaloner
Emiley Chaloner
Minnie Chaloner
Joanna Chaloner
Ella Chaloner
William Chaloner
Edmund Chaloner
Alma Chaloner
Gertrude Chaloner
Francis Chaloner
Rose Chaloner
A.H. Chaloner
Rebecca Chaloner
Lisette Chaloner
Esther Chaloner
Caraline Chaloner

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Market Gardener
Stone Mason
General Servant
Farm Labourer
Cotton Weaver
General Labourer
No Occupation
Weaver Cotton Mill
Burnisher (P)
Scholar (Visitor)
Coal Miner
Mechanic Foundry
Boiler Maker
Table Fork Maker (Cutler)
Labourer In Ironworks
Gen Labour
(Basket) Hamper Maker
Cotton Piecer
Cop Winder (Text)
Cook Domestic Serv
Wife Of Labourer
Constable's Wife
Cook Domestic
Boot And Shoe Maker
... In Housework
Annuitant ((Lady))
Apprentice Tobacco Spinner
Architectural Draughtsman (Unemployed)
Assistant Cut Looker Cotton
Boiler Maker (Sphr M)
Boiler Maker Apprentice
Boot & Shoe Factor
Accountants Apprentice
Bricklayers Lab
Carpenter (Out Of Employ)