Chamberland in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Chamberland
Robert Chamberland
William Chamberland
Thomas Chamberland
James Chamberland
Francis Chamberland
Arthur Chamberland
Samuel Chamberland
Peter Chamberland
Herbert Chamberland
Frank Chamberland
Boyse Chamberland

Top female forenames

Mary Chamberland
Matilda Chamberland
Martha Chamberland
Lucy Chamberland
Harriet Chamberland
Elen Chamberland
Ada Chamberland
Sarah Chamberland
Margaret Chamberland
Hetty Chamberland
Elizabeth Chamberland
Ann Chamberland

Top occupations

Bank Clerk
Serv Gen
Iron Miner
Laborer On Waterworks
No Profesion
Pensioner RN
Governess (Teacher)
Gen Lab
Boot Clicker
Boot Clicker Wife
Carpenter (Ret)
Clerk To Charity Society Organization
Coal Miner
Factory Hand (Cotton Winder) (Hosiery)
Framework Knitter (Cotton)
Servant Domestic