Champney in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Champney
Robert Champney
Thomas Champney
John Champney
Richard Champney
James Champney
Charles Champney
J.W. Champney
Amos Champney
Henry Champney
Alex Champney
George Champney
Frank Champney
F.J. Champney
Walter Champney
Emily Champney
Edward Champney
M. Champney
Basil Champney
Anna Champney
Herbert Champney
Alfred Champney
Harry Champney
Albert Champney
Frederick Champney
Felix Champney
F. Champney
Elija Champney
Arthur Champney

Top female forenames

Mary Champney
Sarah Champney
Elizabeth Champney
Jane Champney
Alice Champney
Emily Champney
Ellen Champney
Eliza Champney
Edith Champney
Emma Champney
Margaret Champney
Anna Champney
Rosanna Champney
Harriet Champney
Amelia Champney
Nellie Champney
Frances Champney
Marry Champney
Margt. Champney
Lucy Champney
Louisa Champney
Clara Champney
Susan Champney
Jemima Champney
Annie Champney
Rose Champney
Helena Champney
Ann Champney
Rebecca Champney
Hannah Champney
Matilda Champney
Martha Champney
Emiley Champney
Maria Champney
Eleanor Champney
Lucinda Champney
Clarissa Champney
Jessie Champney
Celia Champney

Top occupations

Rectors Dau
Farm Labourer
Innkeeper Wife
Hackney Carriage Driver
Governess School
Law Student
Miner (Coal)
Smith Striker
Servant (Dom)
Retired Joiner
Rectors Wife
Rectors Sister
Railway Labourer
Pianoforte Action Maker
Phy M R C S C
No Occupation
Genl Serv
General Servant
Gen Lab
Clerk In Holy Orders
Carter A L
Boot Maker
Blacksmith Journeyman
Bachelor Of Arts
Annuitant No Occupation
Agric Laborer
Ag Labourer
Clothiers Machinist Tailor (Tailor)
Coachman (N D)
Colliery Blacksmith
Gardener (N/D)
Farm Servant
Farm Serv (Indoors)
Domestic Serv
Domestic (Servant)
Daughter In Law
Dairyman Employing 10 Women
Curate St. Ands Less
Corn Merchant