Chancellor in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Chancellor
William Chancellor
John Chancellor
Frederick Chancellor
Charles Chancellor
Thomas Chancellor
Robert Chancellor
Alfred Chancellor
George Chancellor
Albert Chancellor
Edwin Chancellor
Herbert Chancellor
Arthur Chancellor
Stephen Chancellor
Tom Chancellor
Samuel Chancellor
Frederic Chancellor
Josias Chancellor
Eldon Chancellor
Jacob Chancellor
Cecil Chancellor
Walter Chancellor
Harold Chancellor
Alexander Chancellor
Abram. Chancellor
Fred Chancellor
Richd. Chancellor
Francis Chancellor
Matthew Chancellor
Emmanuel Chancellor
Jos. Chancellor
Elden Chancellor
Job Chancellor
Hubert Chancellor
Bartlett Chancellor
Sydney Chancellor
Abraham Chancellor
Ridley Chancellor
Frank Chancellor
Percy Chancellor
Ernest Chancellor

Top female forenames

Sarah Chancellor
Elizabeth Chancellor
Alice Chancellor
Emily Chancellor
Mary Chancellor
Fanny Chancellor
Emma Chancellor
Annie Chancellor
Ann Chancellor
Jane Chancellor
Eliza Chancellor
Agnes Chancellor
Florence Chancellor
Caroline Chancellor
Lucy Chancellor
Harriett Chancellor
Ada Chancellor
Frances Chancellor
Ethel Chancellor
Louisa Chancellor
Ellen Chancellor
Amy Chancellor
Maud Chancellor
Edith Chancellor
Maria Chancellor
Christiana Chancellor
Susan Chancellor
Rosina Chancellor
Beatrice Chancellor
Katie Chancellor
Elsa Chancellor
Rebecca Chancellor
Jessie Chancellor
Ella Chancellor
Nora Chancellor
Isobella Chancellor
May Chancellor
Elen Chancellor
Maryann Chancellor
Grace Chancellor
D.G. Chancellor
Martha Chancellor
Clara Chancellor
Margaret Chancellor
Flora Chancellor
Susannah Chancellor
Catherine Chancellor
M. Chancellor
Bertha Chancellor
Rosalina Chancellor

Top occupations

Grocer & Draper
Farmers Son
No Occupation
Lodging House Keeper
Screw Heading Machinist
Ag Lab
Blacksmith Striker
Governess (Sch)
Governess (Pri)
General Serv
Wife Of Above
Curate Of Harby
Lieut 5th Fusiliers
Laborer In Gas Works
Lawyers Clerk
Income From Property
Inn Keeper
Inn Keepr
Income From Land & C
Farmer Of 22 1/2 Acres
Carpenter And Joiner
Butchers Assistant
Bootmaker To Tower Hamlet
Bookseller And Stationer
Assistant Master
Assistant In Toy Shop
Assistant In Fancy Shop (Toy)
Cattle Dealer
Cook Domestic Serv
Farmer Of 126 Acres Employing 2 Men
Estate Agent
Engineer Apprentice (E&M)
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Dealer In Cloth
Curate Wife