Chapel in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Chapel
John Chapel
James Chapel
William Chapel
Thomas Chapel
Charles Chapel
Henry Chapel
Joseph Chapel
Robert Chapel
Samuel Chapel
Edward Chapel
Frederick Chapel
Richard Chapel
Albert Chapel
Benjamin Chapel
Willm. Chapel
Alfred Chapel
Phillip Chapel
Abraham Chapel
Mathew Chapel
Emanuel Chapel
Walter Chapel
Jonathan Chapel
Robt. Chapel
Bernard Chapel
Harold Chapel
Peter Chapel
Geo.E. Chapel
Nicholas Chapel
Francis Chapel
Wm. Chapel
Moses Chapel
Emmanuel Chapel
Ellis Chapel
W.Charles Chapel
David Chapel
Sam Chapel
Herbert Chapel
Harry Chapel
Albort Chapel
Percy Chapel
Wm.Stewart Chapel
Nathan Chapel
Ernest Chapel
Edwd. Chapel
Thos. Chapel
Joe Chapel
E.John Chapel
Isack Chapel
Chas. Chapel

Top female forenames

Mary Chapel
Elizabeth Chapel
Sarah Chapel
Ann Chapel
Eliza Chapel
Emma Chapel
Caroline Chapel
Annie Chapel
Martha Chapel
Jane Chapel
Lydia Chapel
Susan Chapel
Margret Chapel
Hannah Chapel
Charlotte Chapel
Kate Chapel
Matilda Chapel
Edith Chapel
Agnes Chapel
Grace Chapel
Louisa Chapel
Jessie Chapel
Alice Chapel
Clara Chapel
Lucy Chapel
Lizzie Chapel
Emily Chapel
Elizth Chapel
Angelina Chapel
Amelia Chapel
Harriet Chapel
Dellilar Chapel
Frances Chapel
Sushana Chapel
Christina Chapel
Flora Chapel
Cathrine Chapel
Leaney Chapel
Persilla Chapel
Annis Chapel
Laura Chapel
Ellenor Chapel
Myra Chapel
Anne Chapel
Elizth. Chapel
Minnie Chapel
Jeannie Chapel
Amis Chapel
Isabella Chapel
Elen Chapel

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Farm Labr
General Servant
General Serv
Card Room Hand
Wood Man
Spinner (C M)
Coal Miner
Farm Servant
Lace Maker
Housemaid (Dom)
General Domestic Servant
Farmers Daughter
Beer Seller
Woollen Gigger
Drapers Assistant
Cotton Operative
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Threader & Winder
Dairy Boy
Dock Labourer
Domestic Serv
Dom Serv
Driver RA
Yarn Twister Woolen
Asst Warder
Beerhouse Keeper
Blanket Whipper
Boarding House Keeper
Carding Hand
Carman Furniture
Carter (Ag)
Agent Iron Mine Wife
Clerk (Out Of Employment)
Clerk Out Of Employ
Cloth Finisher
Cloth Fuller
Coal Labourer