Charbonnier in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Theodore Charbonnier
Henry Charbonnier
William Charbonnier
Pierre Charbonnier
Emelie Charbonnier

Top female forenames

Edith Charbonnier
Cecile Charbonnier
Marie Charbonnier
Frances Charbonnier
Elizabeth Charbonnier
Christine Charbonnier
Amelia Charbonnier
Sarah Charbonnier
Juliette Charbonnier
Ethel Charbonnier

Top occupations

Art Master Science & Art Department (Profess)
Boot Closer Unemployed
Governess (French)
Naturaist (Animal Stuffer)
Professor Of A Nunnery
Shoe Maker
Teacher Of French (T)