Charleston in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Charleston
James Charleston
Thomas Charleston
William Charleston
Charles Charleston
Joseph Charleston
Thelfall Charleston
Samuel Charleston
George Charleston
Sydney Charleston
Richard Charleston
Harry Charleston
Emanuel Charleston

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Charleston
Mary Charleston
Jane Charleston
Sarah Charleston
Annie Charleston
Eliza Charleston
Margaret Charleston
Bessie Charleston
Agnes Charleston
Martha Charleston
Louisa Charleston
Catherine Charleston
Gertrude Charleston
Alice Charleston
Esther Charleston
Edith Charleston
Mable Charleston
Clara Charleston
Katie Charleston
Catharine Charleston
Joannah Charleston
Wilhelmina Charleston
Jenneth Charleston
Selina Charleston
Harriet Charleston
Amelia Charleston
Rosa Charleston
Florence Charleston
Nancy Charleston
Ellen Charleston
Maggy Charleston
Claudine Charleston
Josephine Charleston
Betty Charleston
Jessie Charleston
Beatrice Charleston
Susan Charleston
Anne Charleston
Phillipa Charleston

Top occupations

Roller Cover (S&W 10/1)
Cotton Weaver
Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Cotton Spinner
Woollen Operative
Learning Photography
Labourer To Reedmaker
Mercantile Clerk
Labourer General
Minder Unemployed (CM)
Masons Wife
Pipe Fitter (Gas Serv)
Shop Keeper
Slaters Laborer
Smith In Factory
Spinner In Cotton Factory
Wife Of Pipe Fitter (Gas Serv)
Laborer In Cotton Mill
Husband Abroad In Coal Mine
Cotton Winder
(Clerk) Solicitors Cashier
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Carder
Cott Op Minders Wife
Cott Op Cardroom
Cott Op Card Room
Copper Miner
C Winder
Dock Labourer
Engine Fitter At Works
House Keeper
Hammerman In Works (Smith)
Green Grocer
General Serv Domestic
General Domestic Servant
Formerly Pupil Teacher
Flax Spinner
Engine Smiths Wife
Engine Smith (10/1)
Breckeman (C Miner)