Charlier in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Charlier
George Charlier
Herbert Charlier
Harold Charlier
F. Charlier
Andrew Charlier
Walter Charlier
Oscar Charlier
Nicolas Charlier
Julius Charlier
August Charlier
T.O. Charlier
Nora Charlier
Louis Charlier

Top female forenames

Ellen Charlier
Elizabeth Charlier
Charlotte Charlier
Annie Charlier
Agnes Charlier
Mlina Charlier
Mary Charlier
Louisa Charlier
H. Charlier
Elise Charlier
Blanche Charlier
Alice Charlier
Ursula Charlier
Maud Charlier
M. Charlier
Laura Charlier
G. Charlier

Top occupations

Professors Wife
Professor Of French & German
Professer Music Languages
Insurance Clerk
Engineers (Practical)(Clerk)
Commercial Clerk
Commercial (Clerk)
Bank Clerk
Teacher Of Foreign Languages