Charlson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Charlson
John Charlson
James Charlson
William Charlson
Richard Charlson
Joseph Charlson
Charles Charlson
Thos. Charlson
Robert Charlson
Wm. Charlson
Walter Charlson
Peter Charlson
Francis Charlson
Andrew Charlson
Ainsworth Charlson
Samuel Charlson
Reuben Charlson
Jas. Charlson
Frederic Charlson
Albert Charlson
Saml. Charlson

Top female forenames

Mary Charlson
Elizabeth Charlson
Ellen Charlson
Sarah Charlson
Martha Charlson
Catherine Charlson
Betty Charlson
Margaret Charlson
Alice Charlson
Miriam Charlson
Eliz.A. Charlson
Marth Charlson
Betsy Charlson
Lydia Charlson
Ann Charlson
Jemima Charlson
Abigail Charlson
Hannah Charlson
Florella Charlson
Elizth. Charlson
Nancy Charlson
Eliza Charlson
Melinda Charlson
Dorothy Charlson
Anne Charlson
Kizia Charlson
Jane Charlson
Frances Charlson

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Piecer
Bolt Maker
Cotton Winder
Petty Cotton Piecer
Nail Maker
Pitbrow Labourer
Quarryman (Stone)
Screw Bolt Maker
Ship Carpenter
Silk Weaver
Silk Winder
Sorter In Paper Mill
Waggoner (Carter)
Mallevble In Iron Foundry
General Serv Domestic
Ag Labourer
Coal Carter
Corn Dealer
Cotton Card Tenter
Cotton Frame Tenter
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Spinner (Op)
Cotton Weaver
Cutter Man Paper Mill
Domestic Servant
Drawer In Of Cotton Warps
Employed At Home