Charlston in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Charlston
William Charlston
Thomas Charlston
Joseph Charlston
James Charlston
Samuel Charlston
Richard Charlston
Nelson Charlston
Henry Charlston
George Charlston
Frederick Charlston
Wm. Charlston
Edward Charlston
Robert Charlston
Oswald Charlston
Henery Charlston
Fredrick Charlston
Frank Charlston
Charles Charlston

Top female forenames

Alice Charlston
Elizabeth Charlston
Annie Charlston
Mary Charlston
Jane Charlston
Ellen Charlston
Margret Charlston
Elisebeth Charlston
Sarah Charlston
Maria Charlston
Florance Charlston
Catherine Charlston
Susan Charlston
Nancy Charlston
Ann Charlston
Martha Charlston
Frances Charlston
Emma Charlston
Elizth. Charlston
Catharine Charlston
Anne Charlston

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
House Keeper
Labourer In Coal Mine
Silk Weaver
Labourer At Coal Mine
Iron & Tin Plate Worker
Nut & Bolt Maker
Professional Cook Pauper
Public House Ostler (Inn Servt)
Railway Station Master
Stoker In Cotton Factory
Bolt Maker
Horse Driver (Ironstone) (Cart)
Coal Miner Wife
Cotton Operative
Cotton Operative And Scholar
Deputy (Ironstone)
Domestic Servant
Farm Servt Indoor
Frame Tenter In Cotton Mill
Gardener Unemployed
General Servant (Ag Lab)
Green Grocer
Waggoner (Ag)