Charter in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Charter
John Charter
Thomas Charter
Charles Charter
George Charter
Joseph Charter
James Charter
Robert Charter
Walter Charter
Arthur Charter
Frederick Charter
Albert Charter
Edward Charter
Henry Charter
Samuel Charter
Herbert Charter
Wm. Charter
Alexander Charter
Richard Charter
Alfred Charter
Edwin Charter
Sidney Charter
Milward Charter
Ernest Charter
Chales Charter
Lionel Charter
Fred Charter
Benjmin Charter
Francis Charter
Wilfred Charter
Jas.Wm. Charter
Ellis Charter
Thos. Charter
Jabez Charter
J.H.E. Charter
Edmund Charter
David Charter
Reuben Charter
Harry Charter
Corneilus Charter
Peter Charter
Geo. Charter
Frederic Charter
Willm.G. Charter
Bennet Charter
Josh. Charter
Frank Charter
Wilis Charter
Authar Charter
Allan Charter

Top female forenames

Mary Charter
Sarah Charter
Jane Charter
Ann Charter
Alice Charter
Elizabeth Charter
Emily Charter
Emma Charter
Eliza Charter
Ada Charter
Susan Charter
Agnes Charter
Lucy Charter
Gertrude Charter
Rebecca Charter
Elizth. Charter
Charlotte Charter
Esther Charter
Ellen Charter
Martha Charter
Edith Charter
Florence Charter
Louisa Charter
Selina Charter
Margaret Charter
Frances Charter
Rachel Charter
Fanny Charter
Lizzie Charter
Annie Charter
Susannah Charter
Amy Charter
Harriett Charter
Hannah Charter
Caroline Charter
Minnie Charter
Susie Charter
Anne Charter
Harriet Charter
Jessie Charter
Rose Charter
Clara Charter
Hepzibah Charter
Minna Charter
Lisey Charter
Anna Charter
Helen Charter
Lillie Charter
Suhannah Charter
Maria Charter

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Labourer
Drapers Assistant
General Servant Domestic
General Serv
Domestic Serv
Drapers Daur
Farm Laborer
Farm Labourer
Gen Serv
Genl Laborer
Dom Serv
Cotton Weaver
Surgeon Dintist
Dom Serv Out Of Job
Agri Labourer
Scholar (Pupils Boarder)
Grocer Employing 1 Boy
Carpenter Employing 3 Men 1 Boy
Carpenter & Undertaker
Carpenters Daur
Carman Wife
Agriculturalist Farm Son
Carrier to Cambridge
Agricultural Servt (Lab)
Agri Laborer
Boot Maker
Brewer Unemployed
Brewer Wife
Boot & Shoe Maker (...)
Boiler Maker
Baptist Minister
Baker Shop Assistant
Wife Of Above & Washerwoman