Chatburn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Chatburn
Thomas Chatburn
William Chatburn
James Chatburn
Sam Chatburn
George Chatburn
Joseph Chatburn
Albert Chatburn
Harry Chatburn
Richard Chatburn
Arthur Chatburn
Martin Chatburn
Edward Chatburn
David Chatburn
Henry Chatburn
Robert Chatburn
Fred Chatburn
Jonas Chatburn
Bramwell Chatburn
Willie Chatburn
Ambrose Chatburn
Benjamin Chatburn
Zimri Chatburn
Joshua Chatburn
Enoch Chatburn
Jno.E. Chatburn
Sutcliffe Chatburn
Eli Chatburn
J.W. Chatburn
Sidney Chatburn
Edith Chatburn
Herbert Chatburn
Charles Chatburn
Bartle Chatburn
Nathan Chatburn
Frederick Chatburn
Wilkinson Chatburn
Foster Chatburn
Walter Chatburn
Ernest Chatburn
Ellis Chatburn
Squire Chatburn
Humphrey Chatburn
Samuel Chatburn
Carey Chatburn
Harold Chatburn
Peter Chatburn
Fredk. Chatburn
Math. Chatburn
Alfred Chatburn

Top female forenames

Mary Chatburn
Sarah Chatburn
Ellen Chatburn
Alice Chatburn
Ann Chatburn
Jane Chatburn
Elizabeth Chatburn
Hannah Chatburn
Margaret Chatburn
Betty Chatburn
Catherine Chatburn
Esther Chatburn
Annie Chatburn
Susannah Chatburn
Harriet Chatburn
Grace Chatburn
Martha Chatburn
Fanny Chatburn
Emma Chatburn
Eliza Chatburn
Clara Chatburn
Matilda Chatburn
Ruth Chatburn
Harriot Chatburn
Nora Chatburn
Betcy Chatburn
Francis Chatburn
Margret Chatburn
B.Jane Chatburn
Susy Chatburn
Louisa Chatburn
Emily Chatburn
Anice Chatburn
Julia Chatburn
Susan Chatburn
Adeline Chatburn
Isabella Chatburn
Rosie Chatburn
Charlotte Chatburn
Helena Chatburn
Rhoda Chatburn
Betsy Chatburn
Beatrice Chatburn
Violetta Chatburn
Appelonia Chatburn
Sussanah Chatburn
Lily Chatburn
Susanah Chatburn
Amy Chatburn
Janey Chatburn

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Worsted Spinner
Worsted Weaver
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Spinner
Shuttle Maker
Spinner Cotton
Engine Tenter
Cotton Bleacher Tambourer
Bread Baker
Worsted Stuff Weaver
Block Printer (C)
Cotton Winder
Mill Hand
House Duties
Tailoress (C)
Corn Dealer
Stone Mason
Coal Miner
Grocer Assistant
Fish Hawker
Silk Weaver
Wool Weaver
Worsted Winder
Farmer 24 Acres
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Fruit & Potato Dealer
Gas Fitter
Cotton Dyer
Clog Sole Maker Out Of Work
Cotton Cloth Bundler
Cotton Creeler
Cotton Doffer
Card Room Hand Cotton Mill
Cotton Loomer
Cotton Millhand
Cotton Operative