Chatten in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Chatten
William Chatten
Robert Chatten
Henry Chatten
Charles Chatten
John Chatten
George Chatten
Samuel Chatten
Thomas Chatten
Albert Chatten
Frederick Chatten
David Chatten
Benjamin Chatten
Ernest Chatten
Walter Chatten
Isaac Chatten
Shadrack Chatten
Arthur Chatten
Joseph Chatten
Edward Chatten
Sidney Chatten
Barnabas Chatten
Laurance Chatten
Alexander Chatten
Wm.Hy.Robt. Chatten
Fred Chatten
West Chatten
Eliger Chatten

Top female forenames

Mary Chatten
Sarah Chatten
Martha Chatten
Eliza Chatten
Emma Chatten
Elizabeth Chatten
Charlotte Chatten
Alice Chatten
Sophia Chatten
Jane Chatten
Annie Chatten
Emily Chatten
Dorothy Chatten
Anna Chatten
Amelia Chatten
Honor Chatten
Hannah Chatten
Caroline Chatten
Ann Chatten
Rosanna Chatten
Catherine Chatten
Beatrice Chatten
Mahala Chatten
Ellen Chatten
Susan Chatten
Eleanor Chatten
Rebecca Chatten
Harriett Chatten
Fanny Chatten
Lucy Chatten
Laura Chatten
Elizbeth Chatten
Sushannah Chatten
Adeline Chatten
Isabel Chatten
Elanor Chatten
Harriott Chatten
Pleasant Chatten
Harriet Chatten
Gerty Chatten
Betsey Chatten
Maria Chatten
Evengeline Chatten
Lillian Chatten
Sussanna Chatten
Jessie Chatten
Agnes Chatten
Isabella Chatten
Edith Chatten
Phoebe Chatten

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Ag Lab
Ag Laborer
No Occupation
Farm Labourer Wife
Serv Domestic
General Servant
Coal Miner
Cook Domestic
Drabett Factory Hand
General Servant Domestic
Farm 86 Acres Emp 1 Lab
General Serv
Gen Servant
Dress Maker
Gen Serv Domestic Out Of Employ
French Polisher
Fisherman Naval Reserve
Engine Fitter Slate Works
Engineer (Art)
Fireman G E R Boats (Seaman)
Factory Girl (Ser)
Farm 7 Acres
Dealer (Genl)
Dairymaid (AG Lab)
Brickmaker Journyn
Brickmaker Journeyman
Brick Maker
Boot & Shoe Finisher
Agrl Labr
Builders Assistant
Captain (In Navy Serv)
Cook (Dom Ser)
Confectioners Assistant
Coal Agent
Checker On Tramway (Serv)
Chapel Keeper
Carting Agent
Carpenters Apprentice