Chatters in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

James Chatters
William Chatters
Henry Chatters
John Chatters
George Chatters
Charles Chatters
Walter Chatters
Alfred Chatters
Samuel Chatters
Harry Chatters
Joseph Chatters
Job Chatters
Arthur Chatters
Herbert Chatters
Geo. Chatters
Robert Chatters
Daniel Chatters
Fredrick Chatters
Frank Chatters
Richd.Henry Chatters
Eli Chatters
Mark Chatters
Eber Chatters
Albert Chatters
Thomas Chatters
Frederick Chatters
Elijah Chatters
Percy Chatters
Edward Chatters
Larkie Chatters
Barnard Chatters

Top female forenames

Sarah Chatters
Elizabeth Chatters
Mary Chatters
Eliza Chatters
Annie Chatters
Ellen Chatters
Jane Chatters
Emma Chatters
Fanny Chatters
Emily Chatters
Florence Chatters
Kate Chatters
Charlotte Chatters
Caroline Chatters
Ada Chatters
Martha Chatters
Susan Chatters
Hannah Chatters
Ann Chatters
Alice Chatters
Marion Chatters
Louisa Chatters
Laura Chatters
Eleanor Chatters
Sophia Chatters
Rose Chatters
Harriett Chatters
Anne Chatters
Rebecca Chatters
Georgina Chatters
Amelia Chatters
Maryann Chatters
Maria Chatters
Elizth.J. Chatters
Laviana Chatters
Kitty Chatters
Clara Chatters
Selina Chatters
Julia Chatters
Catherine Chatters
Sabina Chatters
Hepzibah Chatters
Rosalie Chatters
Phillis Chatters

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Straw Plaiter
Ag Labs Wife
General Servant
Labourer (Ag)
Bookers Clerk
Silk Winder
Ag Lab Lad
Hair Weaver
General Serv Domestic
Machinist Engineer (Artz)
General Labourer Iron Works
Forge Labourer
Matting Weaver
Harness Maker
Horse Hair Weaver
Invoice Clerk
Ironmongers Asst
Labourer Wife
Labourers Daughter
Labourers Wife ((Daug))
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Labourer
Coachman Domestic Servant
Clerk G P 6
Butler Dom Serv
Ag Labs Wife And Straw Plaiter
Bakers Boy
Baker & Grocer
Architects Assistant
Agrl Laborer
Coal Miner
Cocoa Mat Maker (MF)
Errand Boy
Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
Draper Assistant
Domestic Help
Domestic General Serv
Crape Weaver
Cordwainer & Post Master