Cheaney in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cheaney
George Cheaney
Alfred Cheaney
Thomas Cheaney
James Cheaney
Frank Cheaney
Arthur Cheaney
Albert Cheaney
Mark Cheaney
Jonathan Cheaney
Harry Cheaney
Fred Cheaney
Edward Cheaney
Willm.Edward Cheaney
Joseph Cheaney

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cheaney
Sarah Cheaney
Jane Cheaney
Ann Cheaney
Emma Cheaney
Annie Cheaney
Ada Cheaney
Maud Cheaney
Lizzie Cheaney
Harriet Cheaney
Fanny Cheaney
Ellen Cheaney
Clara Cheaney
Mary Cheaney
Galetea Cheaney

Top occupations

Shoe Maker
Machinist (Shoes)
(Apprentice To Head)
Servt General
Manager Of Shoe Facy
Gunner R M Artillery
Groom (D)
Engine Smith(& M)
Domistic Servant
Domestic Servant
Clicker Boot
Clerk Shoe Facy
Stoker Hosiery Manfactory