Cheater in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Cheater
Charles Cheater
William Cheater
John Cheater
Thomas Cheater
Henry Cheater
Arthur Cheater
Alfred Cheater
Albert Cheater
Frederick Cheater
Cornelius Cheater
Joseph Cheater
James Cheater
Edward Cheater
Stephen Cheater
Chas. Cheater
Luther Cheater
Howard Cheater
Fredrick Cheater
Wm. Cheater
Fred Cheater
Walter Cheater
Francis Cheater
Sydney Cheater
Richard Cheater
Adolphus Cheater
G. Cheater
Frank Cheater

Top female forenames

Mary Cheater
Sarah Cheater
Ellen Cheater
Elizabeth Cheater
Ann Cheater
Fanny Cheater
Edith Cheater
Emma Cheater
Jane Cheater
Eliza Cheater
Alice Cheater
Kate Cheater
Martha Cheater
Louisa Cheater
Emily Cheater
Rose Cheater
Bessie Cheater
Ada Cheater
Eleanor Cheater
Harriet Cheater
Sussana Cheater
Bertha Cheater
Evia Cheater
Susan Cheater
Lilly Cheater
Eva Cheater
Sabina Cheater
Lillian Cheater
Agnes Cheater
Jemima Cheater
Minnie Cheater
Hope Cheater
Elenor Cheater
Maud Cheater
Hester Cheater
H. Cheater
Clara Cheater
Maria Cheater
Florence Cheater
Sylvia Cheater
Lousa Cheater
Evias Cheater
Susanna Cheater
Annie Cheater
Lizzie Cheater
Eveline Cheater
Amelia Cheater
Lillie Cheater
Ruth Cheater
Agness Cheater

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Shoe Maker
Farmer Son
General Servant
Drapers Assistant
Pupil Teacher
Paper Sorter
Plough Boy
Gamekeepers Widow
Formerly Gunsmith
Gardner Wife
Gen Serv
Gen Serv (Dom)
Gardner N D
Gen Servant Domestic
General Labourer
General Serv
General Serv Domestic
Genl Lab
Grocers Porter Postman
Gunner R A
Cheese Dealer (16/3)
Wife Retired Coal Merchant
Errand Boy
Coachman (D)
Coachman Domestic
Cook Dom
Domestic Serv
Bus Driver
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Drapers Assitant
Dress Maker
Barmaid Dom
Errand Boy At Pawnbrokers
Farm Labourer
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer Of 20 Acres Employing 1 Laborer
Baker & Grocer