Cheatle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cheatle
William Cheatle
George Cheatle
Henry Cheatle
James Cheatle
Thomas Cheatle
Arthur Cheatle
Edward Cheatle
Charles Cheatle
Mark Cheatle
Joseph Cheatle
Frederick Cheatle
Richard Cheatle
Edwin Cheatle
Benjamin Cheatle
Harman Cheatle
Ernest Cheatle
Herbert Cheatle
Walter Cheatle
Robert Cheatle
Frank Cheatle
Ebenezer Cheatle
Jas. Cheatle
Chas. Cheatle
Jame Cheatle
W. Cheatle
Simeon Cheatle
Geo. Cheatle
Samuel Cheatle
Josiah Cheatle
Cyril Cheatle
Willm. Cheatle
B.John Cheatle
Harry Cheatle
Albert Cheatle
Sim Cheatle
Fredrick Cheatle

Top female forenames

Mary Cheatle
Sarah Cheatle
Elizabeth Cheatle
Jane Cheatle
Ann Cheatle
Alice Cheatle
Emma Cheatle
Ellen Cheatle
Hannah Cheatle
Anne Cheatle
Clara Cheatle
Annie Cheatle
Gertrude Cheatle
Catherine Cheatle
Eliza Cheatle
Fanny Cheatle
Minnie Cheatle
Maria Cheatle
Katherine Cheatle
Harriett Cheatle
Selina Cheatle
Ruth Cheatle
Olive Cheatle
Emmeline Cheatle
Matilda Cheatle
Emily Cheatle
Marian Cheatle
Emeline Cheatle
Louisa Cheatle
Kate Cheatle
Eleanor Cheatle
Hephzebah Cheatle
Frances Cheatle
Amelia Cheatle
Rebecca Cheatle
Ethel Cheatle
Ada Cheatle
Emiline Cheatle

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Lace Mender
No Occupation Annuitant
Farmers Daur
Farmers Wife
Coal Miner
Farmers Daughter
Surgeons Daughter
Solicitors Clerk
Lace Maker
Farmer 370 Acres Employing 9 Labourers 4 Boys 1 Woman
Genl Lab
Errand Girl
Farmer 10 Acres
Farmer 240 Acres 4 Laborers 2 Boys & Son
Formerly Road Mender
Foreman London Docks
Farmer Of 120 Acres Employ 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 157 Acres (Employing 2 Men 1 Boy 1 Girl)
Farmer Of 200 Acres 4 Men 2 Boys
Coach Maker
Domestic Servant
Dock Laborer Wife
Cattle Dealer
Cafe Keepers Assistant
Banksman (Collier)
Apprentice To Plumber & Painter
Apprentice Dressm
Clerk Shoe Manufactor
Dock Laborer
Corn Dealer
Commercial Clerks Wife
Commercial Clerks Daur
Commercial Clerk Metal Trade
Commercial Clark
Coal Merchant