Chegwidden in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Chegwidden
John Chegwidden
Thomas Chegwidden
James Chegwidden
Samuel Chegwidden
Richard Chegwidden
Charles Chegwidden
Walter Chegwidden
George Chegwidden
Edward Chegwidden
Alexander Chegwidden
Henry Chegwidden
Albert Chegwidden
Thos. Chegwidden
Arthur Chegwidden
Fredrick Chegwidden
Ernest Chegwidden
W.T. Chegwidden
Edmund Chegwidden
Charley Chegwidden
Robert Chegwidden
Arundel Chegwidden
Peter Chegwidden
Alfred Chegwidden
Nanny Chegwidden
Willie Chegwidden
Francis Chegwidden
E.M. Chegwidden
Nicholas Chegwidden
Wm. Chegwidden

Top female forenames

Mary Chegwidden
Elizabeth Chegwidden
Jane Chegwidden
Sarah Chegwidden
Emily Chegwidden
Grace Chegwidden
Caroline Chegwidden
Susan Chegwidden
Edith Chegwidden
Annie Chegwidden
Fanny Chegwidden
Bessie Chegwidden
Martha Chegwidden
Ellen Chegwidden
Louisa Chegwidden
Ann Chegwidden
Harriet Chegwidden
Eliza Chegwidden
Peternele Chegwidden
Christianna Chegwidden
Nanny Chegwidden
Celia Chegwidden
Minnie Chegwidden
Maud Chegwidden
Emelia Chegwidden
Avis Chegwidden
Josepha Chegwidden
A. Chegwidden
Ruth Chegwidden
Honor Chegwidden
Phillippa Chegwidden
E. Chegwidden
Nora Chegwidden
Charlotte Chegwidden
Florence Chegwidden
Nannie Chegwidden
Catherine Chegwidden
Emma Chegwidden
Melvina Chegwidden
Betsy Chegwidden
Emiline Chegwidden
Bertha Chegwidden
Emalie Chegwidden
Margaret Chegwidden
Elizth. Chegwidden
Levina Chegwidden
Amy Chegwidden
Priscilla Chegwidden
E.L. Chegwidden
Hattie Chegwidden

Top occupations

Farmers Daughter
Farmers Wife
Cotton Winder
Domestic Servant
General Laborer
Stone Mason
Farmer Son
Farmers Son
Cook Domestic Servant
Net Mender
Managers Daur
Commercial Traveller
Farmer of 27 Acres
Farmer Of 7 Acres
Farmer Wife
Apprentice To Cabinet Maker
Ag Lab Wife
(D) Gardener
Formerly Cook Domestic
Gardener &c (D)
General Domestic
General Labourer
General Serv
General Servant
Farmer Of 25 Acres (Employing 2 Boys)
Wine Bottler & Cellarman
Coopers Wife
Copper Mine Agent
Coach Builder
Cotton Weaver (F T)
Cotton Weaver Wife
Coxwn Of Cutter
Carpenters Widow
Calico Weaver
Engine Driver
Farm Labourer
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Farmer (14 Acres 1 Boy)
Copper Miner