Chesterfield in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Chesterfield
John Chesterfield
William Chesterfield
Henry Chesterfield
James Chesterfield
George Chesterfield
Charles Chesterfield
Samuel Chesterfield
Joseph Chesterfield
Stephen Chesterfield
Harry Chesterfield
Francis Chesterfield
Walter Chesterfield
Arthur Chesterfield
Phillip Chesterfield
Alfred Chesterfield
Richard Chesterfield
Frederick Chesterfield
Frank Chesterfield
Cuthbert Chesterfield
Will.H. Chesterfield
Jesse Chesterfield
Inkerman.P. Chesterfield
Albert Chesterfield
Saml. Chesterfield
Fred Chesterfield
Percy Chesterfield
Wm Chesterfield
Nicholes Chesterfield
David Chesterfield
Martin Chesterfield
Chas.W. Chesterfield
Will. Chesterfield
Bertie Chesterfield
Thos.M. Chesterfield
T.H. Chesterfield
Harold Chesterfield
Philip Chesterfield
Obed Chesterfield
Ernest Chesterfield
Willm. Chesterfield
Nicholas Chesterfield

Top female forenames

Mary Chesterfield
Elizabeth Chesterfield
Sarah Chesterfield
Jane Chesterfield
Edith Chesterfield
Ann Chesterfield
Alice Chesterfield
Kate Chesterfield
Susan Chesterfield
Elizth. Chesterfield
Annie Chesterfield
Laura Chesterfield
Sophia Chesterfield
Florence Chesterfield
Louisa Chesterfield
Letitia Chesterfield
Emily Chesterfield
Eliza Chesterfield
Martha Chesterfield
Harriet Chesterfield
Bessie Chesterfield
Lydia Chesterfield
Frances Chesterfield
Ruth Chesterfield
Lucy Chesterfield
Fanny Chesterfield
Rosetta Chesterfield
Amy Chesterfield
Lois Chesterfield
Esther Chesterfield
Philipa Chesterfield
Emblem Chesterfield
Minnie Chesterfield
Jenny Chesterfield
Eliz. Chesterfield
Marianne Chesterfield
Isabella Chesterfield
Susannah Chesterfield
Margeret Chesterfield
Harriett Chesterfield
Caroline Chesterfield
M.J. Chesterfield
Grace Chesterfield
Beatrice Chesterfield
Luie Chesterfield
Rosy Chesterfield
Ethel Chesterfield
Rosa Chesterfield
Allice Chesterfield
Naomi Chesterfield

Top occupations

Coal Porter
General Labourer
Coal Miner
Farmer Wife
Cottagers Wife
General Serv
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Cottagers Daughter
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Wife
Bricklayers Lab
General Servant
Cabinet Maker
Drapers Assistant
Coal Dealer Wife
Elastic Web Factory Factory Hand
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Coal Dealer
Cook (Domestic Servant)
Farmer Of 260 Acres Employ 5 Men 4 Boys
Farmer Of 3 Acres
Farmer Of 40 Acres Employ 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmer Of 62 Acres Employing 2 Men 2 Women 1 Boy
Farmer Son
Assistant Housekeeper
Ag Bailiff (F)
Cook Domestic
Copper Mine Labourer
Cottager 7 Acres
Cottager Of 14 1/2 Acres Employ 1 Man
Chemist Assistant
Boy Writer Post Office
Wife Of A Carpenter